Green paint and sextiles…

On the Facebook page I’ve been banging on for the last couple of days about the sextile between Venus (in Virgo) and Mercury (in Scorpio).

It’s been one of those astro weather aspects that has the potential to work for us all if we take the opportunities it offers.

See, that’s what sextiles are about- opportunities.

When the sextile is between feminine signs ie Earth and Water, the opportunity will be one that you need to identify. If you don’t, that’s cool- nothing will happen.

If the sextile is between masculine signs ie Fire and Air, the opportunity will jump up and down in front of you waving its arms. Again, whether or not you take it up, it doesn’t matter.

This one, between Mercury and Venus, has been a light and easy one, an aspect that bodes for good connections with others. Easy.

That’s why this morning, at Bunnings (my local hardware store), when the lady at the paint card stand asked me for my opinion on a few colours, I started talking back to her.

It turns out that she had bought 4 litres of a green exterior paint that when she got home she decided she wanted a terracotta colour instead.

So we talked a little more.

It turns out that she had recently retired from work, her children have left home and she is bored, and feels useless. And yes, she is a Virgo. All of this in Bunnings.

Then she asked me what colour I had chosen for my fence.

‘Sage,’ I said.

‘The Dulux one?’ she asked.


‘That’s the colour I have at home. I know this is a little strange, but do you want it? I’ll sell it to you at a discount.’

Mercury and Venus in sextile aspect and the Moon in Sagittarius, so I said the only thing I could, ‘sure, why the hell not?’

Then I spent my savings in the garden centre.


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