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Green Fairies, Big Bad Woolufs and Pisces in the House

Absinthe Spill

Wherever Pisces is in your chart is where you may be (ahem) less than practical, where you may yearn for escape, where you are intuitive, sensitive and delusional. It is also where you seek sanctuary and where you may make sacrifices.

Pisces on the Ascendant? Read any of my Pisces posts- regardless of what sign your Sun is in, you will face the world in a Piscean mask.

Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd house (Aquarius Rising)

The 2nd house tells us a lot about your possessions and the types of things you spend your money on. Pisces likes to dream and escape so will blow money on a fantasy without much thought. After all, what could possibly go wrong? And, if and when it does, you can always either emotionally plead spending under the influence (SUI), sexually transmitted debt (STD), or blame your advisors, the resident con artist or the fraudster you happened to be-friend at the pub last night. Either way, it won’t be your fault and you will be the victim.

It will, however be surprising- your intuition and sense of timing is actually pretty good, but your bullshit radar is not. Rely on the former- it will help you with the latter.

Practicality and prudence- two words starting with P…both of which are, when you have Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd house (or indeed, Neptune in the 2nd house) vastly over-rated.

Here’s another over-rated word for you, but this one starts with F- fine-print, something else you tend to take little notice of- especially when on an official document.

Some more letters for you:

M is for materialistic- something you absolutely aren’t- and Money- which you like, but more for the experiences it can buy you than for its own sake.

G is for generous (which you are) and Greedy (which you definitely are not). C is for Charity and S is for Sob Story and Soft Touch. Need I say more?

Does this sound like you? If you have Venus in Pisces or the 12th house, it very well could be…

Pisces on the cusp of the 3rd house (Capricorn Rising)

Many things in life are over-rated- and for you, words are one of those things…although strictly speaking I guess that is grammatically incorrect. Whatever. Anyways, you have the ability to grasp the meaning behind them, beneath them and around them. Words, that is. Details too are over-rated, which is fortunate given that you don’t do them well.

You know things simply because you do. Intuitively. Lurking in that brain is all sorts of trivia and connections that will come out when you least expect it. Important stuff like…the full team list from the Canterbury 1980 Grand Final winning team, or the name of the song that was used for Scott & Charlenes’ wedding in Neighbours back in the days when Kylie wore mechanics overalls.

Whatever it is that you know, your ideas, your feelings… you are emotionally attached to them. Ok, perhaps not the bit about the Canterbury Bankstown Grand Final winning team. The point is, you choose carefully those who you confide to, and may in fact confide disparate pieces of the same story to a few trusted friends so that no single person knows all of the idea, all of the information or the whole saga end to end. That’s OK, they won’t know the difference, but you will feel safer.

No matter how confident you appear, you may have difficulty in expressing yourself on a personal level- the things that you feel- without emotion getting in the way.

You learn best and study best on your own, hermit like. This allows you to escape into your own world and absorb whatever it is you need to absorb, learn whatever it is you need to learn and let your creativity and imagination do its thing.

The 3rd is also the house of brothers and sisters, the stuff of routine and short journeys. A weekend break can be an escape for you while a longer holiday requires just a little too much organization and time away from work. As for routine? Your emotional health requires your daily routines to run smoothly. Sure you can be flexible when you need to be, but you also need to operate within known guidelines. And siblings? The emotional attachment thing can mean that you often take responsibility for their problems…which can be handy for them and not so great for you.

This may also be you if you have Mercury in Pisces or Mercury in the 12th house or Neptune in the 3rd house.

Pisces on the cusp of the 4th house (Sagittarius Rising)

Home is your sanctuary, your escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, the place you run to when the big, bad, nasty world bears its teeth and hammers at the door “Little pig, little pig, let me come in….” OK, maybe I was getting a little carried away, but the point is your home is your emotional refuge.

Depending on what else is happening in your chart, it may also be the place where you leave reality behind and slip into the shadow of your own undoing…and those of you with Neptune in the 4th or the Moon in the 12th house will know exactly what I am talking about.

With Pisces on the cusp of the 4th, your home reflects your emotions…and your emotional state.  It goes without saying that you would make the ultimate sacrifice for those you love. You are sentimental when it comes to your family, your roots…but that does not extend to allowing the whole lot of them to live under your roof- you value your privacy and space far too much for that.

You are at your most sensitive in your home environment. It is here that the jangle of daily life and emotional noise seeks peace, so even in the middle of a large family, make sure you have at least one little corner away from everyone else where you can tune out from the world.

Pisces on the cusp of the 5th house (Scorpio Rising)

Van Gogh cut off his own ear, apparently under the influence of the absinthe green fairy- although presumably not the Kylie Minogue tinkerbell one that Baz Luhrmann used in Moulin Rouge. Wow, that’s two references to Kylie in one post. Anyways, the point is, he sacrificed his ear. He was an Aries and (apparently) had Pisces on the MC, so I guess it’s appropriate that his sacrifice was public. The only time I ever tried absinthe I looked hard for the green fairy, but alas, was actually thinking way clearer than I usually do.

My point, what is my point? Just that with Pisces on the 5th, Neptune in the 5th or even the Sun in the 12th house, there will be some type of sacrifice or frustration around self expression in general and 5th house matters in specific.

You yearn to be a creative person, not just express yourself through a hobby, but creation on a fantastical dream like level. Perhaps you are an accountant who seriously could have won the Archibald Prize (for non Aussie readers, that is the pre-eminent portrait prize in Oz) if only you weren’t pushed into your profession by familial pressure. Perhaps you could still create a masterpiece if it weren’t for the fact that your kids have special needs that need consideration.

Which leads me to the next point, with Pisces on the cusp of the 5th you may be called on to sacrifice something of yourself for the sake of whatever or whoever it is that you have given birth to. I say “whatever” because it could be your physical child or a metaphorical one ie a business, a venture, a creative endeavor.

Whatever it is, this area of life will have some element of confusion, delusion and frustration associated with it. If you have Pisces on the cusp of the 5th (or Neptune in the 5th) there is never ever ever ever any such thing as a sure fire bet. Ever.

Oh, a reminder of what the 5th house is about? Anything you give birth to or take a risk on. The 5th is where we fall in love, where we raise our kids (real and metaphorical), where we play, where we create and where we express ourselves.

Next time, Pisces through house 6-9.

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