Great Expectations

Peacock in KL (Pic by me)
Peacock in KL (Pic by me)

The other day Venus crossed my Ascendant. Nothing happened. Facebook & Twitter friends having a similar transit reported similar momentous events- although one did comment that her hair was good.

The textbook blurb said that I should be looking & feeling good- attractive, loving, sexy & in a good mood. If I go shopping I would find what I need & apparently I would have the power to get people to do what I want… nice in theory…  OK, I went shopping & the trainers I wanted were there & on special & in a really cute girly pink & silver. But as for the power to cajole people into doing what I wanted? I ended up rashly agreeing (without an argument) into doing stuff that I resent having to do- simply because I couldn’t be faffed with protesting something I knew I couldn’t win. To add insult to injury, my hair was really crappy.

Yesterday Venus opposed Pluto. This one is supposed to be about facing your desires, working out what you want & don’t want in a relationship & acting on that. Well, I did have a nice date night with hubby over a great seafood platter at a local restaurant, so I guess that one counts &, just quietly, I had a better hair day than I did the other day.

Today Venus conjuncts my Sun and I should be feeling worth it and high in confidence. I will remember that as I run my daughter to todays set of social engagements & groceries & work my way through laundry. My hair should be good. Mars is also trine Saturn today, and this one is about feeling productive and goal oriented- I WILL get the ironing up to date. Tomorrow Venus is opposing Uranus possibly making me more highly strung or impatient than usual, and maybe bringing surprises in relationships. Given that my tolerance level is usually pretty low on Mondays, the only surprise will be if I get through the day argument free.

The fact of the matter is, personal planet transits, ie transits by the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are too quick to be life changing. These planets all move too quickly (except Mars at the moment in a definite slow-down on a beach chair in Resort Leo) to have much more impact on us than the state of our hair or our temper. The Moon which tears through each sign in a couple of days has even less impact. The only exception to this is the New & Full Moons, and then particularly when a New Moon or Full Moon falls directly on a point in your chart- that is usually a sit up and take notice time. These transits really just influence your weather & where your mood falls on the scale between manically amazing and black dog storm clouds approach only with chocolate.

What the personal planet transits can do is act like a trigger. The real life changing stuff comes from outer planet transits- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These all move super slow and often cross the same part of your chart 3 times. Saturn, whilst quicker, is also worth looking at in this light. Jupiter falls somewhere between the personals and the outers. If one of the big 3 is transiting a particular point in your chart, the energy of transiting Mars or another personal planet may be sufficient to trigger that loaded gun. Any transit from an outer planet to a point in your chart can’t be ignored.

Saturn transits do feel heavy and you may feel like the weight of commitments is more than you can bear- I had a year of it last year as Saturn worked his way in opposition to my Pisces 1st house planets. The worst was when he opposed Chiron & then my Moon- an old unhealed shoulder injury had me in a world of pain- possibly the Universes’ way of telling me I was carrying too much? Or maybe just shit happening. Either way, he is back for another go in a couple of months.

Pluto and Neptune transits are the slowest & also the most life changing. If Neptune hits your ascendant, you can’t see yourself clearly. If she flirts with your Midheaven, work will be frustrating & crappy with no light seemingly available. Pluto transits are often about control and transformation issues. It isn’t until something else triggers him into life that he will kick in whatever he feels is broken and leave you with the mess.

Uranus is different. Uranus things happen out of the blue- unexpected jolts. Uranus has been playing with my Pisces planets for the last 3 & a bit years, but is due to conjunct my Moon for the 1st time at Easter.  This will occur the same day that Jupiter crosses my ascendant. Unless my schedule changes, I will be in Hong Kong at that time for work.

The New Moon in Pisces will also trigger my natal Moon and Chiron, bringing to light emotions, and stuff which hasn’t been dealt with or allowed to heal. With Uranus, the more you try to do what you think you should be doing, the more Uranus will push you towards what the Universe thinks you should be doing… and very often the two are poles apart- especially if you have always done what is expected of you.   

On Friday Venus meets my Moon and Uranus is conjunct Chiron & within a degree or so of also conjuncting my Moon. Mercury is also about to conjunct my Mercury. Given that the Moon in Scorpio is trining all the activity, the forecast I would give myself is for a day a day of lively conversation with people I feel deeply and emotionally close to. Time will tell.

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  1. Great, great post, Jo! When Venus conjucnt my ASC: two days of really bad hair 🙁

    She’s still in my first, and yesterday I went shopping for new clothes and beads and my thoughts right now are on my hair and getting my nails done.

  2. Thanks Neeti. She is still in my first too & by gosh am I in a mood to end all moods… and my hair is crap! Think I might try & book a massage or get my hair all cut off- but that one might be just a tad over-reactive 🙂

  3. Bless you, Jo! It’s hard to even notice the lovely flutter of a Venus hummingbird when Saturn or Plutozilla are stomping their way through your village. 🙂

  4. lol April. My natal Venus is in Aries & when I want something it flipping well better happen NOW:) AlthoughI have to say (but please don’t tell anyone), with Mars in Scorpio, I actually am secretly in awe of Pluto…

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