Great Expectations Pt 2

A couple of months ago I wrote about personal planet transits and how they often don’t deliver much more than a good or bad hair day. Transits by the more slower moving planets are a different story and rarely fail to deliver their promise- good, bad or ugly.

Jupiter has flown through Pisces extremely quickly. By 6 June, 2010 he will be in Aries for a short burst before turning retrograde in the middle of July and heading back into Pisces where he will stay until January 2011. I will have more to say about this as it gets closer.

So far the whole Jupiter 1st house thing has not delivered the way it should. Sure the opportunities have been there, but what with Saturn marching through my 7th house with his great big jack boots, in recent weeks I have felt as if I am straining at the leash only to be pulled back faster than I can move forward.

Saturn at present is sitting stationary opposite my Moon. Saturn was last in this position in October last year and for the period of the transit I felt shocking. That makes sense given that the Moon is about your most emotional and instinctive responses- the real deeeep, soul type of stuff.

In fact, the whole 12 months it took for him to oppose all my Pisces planets has been pretty heavy. By the time he had moved past the 1st few degrees of Libra I felt as if a lead weight had been taken from my chest. It was like I could breathe again and feel again and be excited again and feel like dreams can come true again. But then Saturn came back.

This last part of the transit has been the worst and the hardest and the heaviest. This time the weight has been physical and I literally can’t breathe.  I have felt flat, fat, lonely, low and old.

Robert Hand writes about the Saturn/Moon opposition:

This is one of the most emotionally trying transits. It is frequently associated with domestic of professional problems, emotional depression, loneliness… difficulties with personal relationships, often leading to breakups.

This transit represents an “alienation crisis”, that is, a crisis brought about by the discovery that you have neglected your emotional and psychological needs. As a result you feel alone and disconnected from others, like an alien in the world whom no one else can ever adequately understand.

Absolutely, all of the above is relevant for the way I have been feeling.

However, in the background Uranus has also been conjunct my Moon. The textbooks (again Robert Hand) say that this transit is a time of enormous emotional and psychological turmoil. This transit may also bring that wonderful heart fluttering infatuated excitement. As with all Uranus transits you should feel alive.

This time, though, I have felt far from alive. Yes, the turmoil has been there, but what I have been feeling has been more of the Saturn opposition than the Uranus conjunction. Given that Uranus is the slower moving planet, why haven’t I felt it more?

I have this theory that the reason is simply that Uranus opposes both my Sun and Moon natally, and contacts both of my chart rulers (Neptune and Jupiter) by sextile. It is, therefore, a relatively easy natal opposition and a contact that I live with every day. Saturn, on the other hand, aspects no other planet in my chart (using standard same sign aspects). Any contacts by transit will and are felt deeply.

Jupiter will move in to join Saturn on my Moon over the next couple of weeks. This will coincide with Saturn moving direct from that spot. This should be a most positive transit, but given the other stuff happening up there, I am not that sure. Having said that, Jupiter/Moon is a pretty important transit for me. Natally in my chart the Moon and Jupiter are in what is called mutual reception: Jupiter in Cancer is in the Moons’ sign and the Moon in Pisces is in Jupiters’ sign. Natally the promise is there. But will it deliver?

In the meantime, there is a lovely transiting Mars/Venus trine playing out tomorrow. According to the automated personalised forecast I get from Facebook this is what I have to look forward to tomorrow:

Love ballads float through the air. The time favors soothing feelings while building reservoirs of romance for one another. A Harlequin-like honeymoon refreshes your love. Creativity reaches new heights. Be on the lookout for an inspiration that becomes your next line of work or sideline. Funny how you get wonderful ideas when you’re doing something you love.

mmmm… not sure that I will hold my breath for that one, but then again, one can always hope…


  1. Hi Jo,

    I have another little theory. I have mercury in late virgo. The opposition from Uranus was clearly the more apparent energy as I would have 10 ideas each day but i spent the day trying to calm my mental energy through exercise and meditation. i have about 20 articles to finish. but saturn was there as we did get some contracts through and i had meetings with some wealthy landowners here about creating a 20 year plan for sustainability. But I am an Aq rising with Sun, mars, venus and Merc in virgo. however, usually saturn aspecting my mercury constrains and slows my focus but it didn’t have a chance this time as I was like tigger until i bounced off my horse! Then my bones hurt too much to sit up!

    feel better beautiful, much love Heather

  2. Very interesting. Jupiter has been transiting my 7th (and will be until it hits 5 Aries) and I can’t say it’s been a bowl of roses. I think, like you said, it’s because Saturn is in my 1st.

    I have a natal Moon-Saturn conjunction- it’s just not a fun aspect to have. I sympathize with you!

  3. @ Heather…that sounds so Uranus. Don’t you find it is like this primal sort of struggle- Uranus vs Saturn- who is stronger & who is going to win this time?

    @Michelle Moon-Saturn is never fun, i agree! Thanks for the comments.

  4. Hi Jo,
    Like you, I’m a Pisces with my natal moon in almost exactly the same position as yours. So I’ve been experiencing the same upheaval as you have, except that my moon is in the 8th house. I’ve been dreading transiting Uranus and Saturn for some years now and it certainly delievered: I’ve lost my job and a seven year relationship, among other things. One thing I have noticed however is that transiting Jupiter has had a protective effect on what’s been happening. It really has softened the blow and even brought some pleasant surprizes in some cases.
    I’m also wondering, now that Saturn is finally moving on, are you more sensitive to the Uranian energies now?

  5. Hi Joe, that 8th house Moon would certainly be making its presence felt with all the nasty stuff that has been flying around! Yes, I am noticing some difference now that Saturn has moved on- I don’t know about you, but I found that Saturn/Moon oposition the hardest one of all. I barely felt Uranus/Moon the last time, but am now definitely starting to feel it. Good luck with it all Joe, by the sounds of it, you are due a break!

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