Gemini Moon

Gotta have Faith…

Zodiac signs - Gemini

Tuesday December 17

Moon in Gemini

Full Moon at 25 Gemini 36’

Under the Gemini Moon your curiosity is aroused. Maybe. Your desire to know more stuff is heightened. Maybe.  Your thirst for information is stimulated. Maybe.

Or maybe you’re collecting data and asking questions as some sort of analysis paralysis. We do that. Instead of trusting the process and having faith in the future, we continue to ask questions, look for more supporting data, more answers…anything to put off the moment when we need to move forward… beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. Hmmmmm.

Or maybe you’ve not been asking enough questions, listening through the white noise to the snippets hidden beneath. You see, quite often we think we know it all- you know how it goes: been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Sagittarius, in particular, can fall into the mistake of knowing it all- and telling you that they know it all…perhaps they need the t-shirt as a reminder. It’s like my Aries daughter- she tends to look at the surface only and makes her judgement on a limited amount of information. Or, she’ll half listen to our conversation and then jump in with something completely random and unrelated.

Anyways, once we think we know it all, we can fall into preacher mode and make the mistake of not seeing the detail.

Wherever this falls in your chart is where you need to ask the questions, to listen through the white noise. Or, to know when to stop questioning and when to simply trust your instincts and flipping do it already.

Take me for example. I’ve been watching youtube videos trying to teach myself how to design an ebook cover using Photo Shop Elements (PSE, to those in the know). Yes, ebooks are coming- as are correspondence courses. Anyways, I’m pretty sure now I need to stop watching and listening, and start doing.

The thing is, moving outside what you know can be scary- that’s natural. The other thing is, Jupiter, the ruler of the Sagittarius Sun is still exchanging deep and meaningfuls with Saturn. See more on that here.

What does this mean? Quite simply that the structures that you need are in place and can be expanded…if you trust your instincts and flipping do it already.

Now, before you ask me what this means for you, have another read of my post, Anatomy of a Full Moon.

Remember, concentrate on your personal planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, and keep your orbs to no more than 2 degrees either way.

The rest of the story? I’ll leave that up to you…