But Why? Part 1


I love Google. When the goldfish on my desk at work was recently ill, I googled the symptoms and got a wealth of forum information…ok, not all of it was perfectly reliable. My Gemini friend took it one step further and googled “how do you perform swim bladder surgery on a goldfish?” Surprisingly there were plenty of responses- not that we would ever attempt to undertake such a task.

On the traffic feed and stats that I get through for this website, I can see not only how many hits each page gets, where visitors are from and the questions which people post on search engines to find their way here. Often I see questions and just wish that I could yell out a quick response.

So, I figured that if some people were asking these questions, others may also be interested in the answers, so here are a few of the ones that caught my eye this week:

Gemini Questions

Quite a few of these- all on similar lines:

Q: A Gemini man wants to have sex with me

A: Of course he does. Enjoy. Just remember, Gemini is often very good with his hands…did that come out loud?

Q: How to gain a Gemini mans interest?/ How do I keep a Gemini man interested?/ How do I keep a Gemini woman interested?/ How do I keep a Gemini man interested after sex?

Q: Is it good to flirt with a Gemini man?

Q: Mr Gemini doesn’t want a relationship/ Why won’t my Gemini man commit?

A: Geminis of both sexes love to flirt, love to chat, but delay commitment until he has found someone who can continue to keep his interest and stimulate his mind. Spice things up with flirty texts, calls and emails to keep the relationship fresh. Gemini dislikes chains and quickly grows bored of routine and the same old social circle. Gemini will tire of repeated attempts to keep her to yourself.

Aries Questions

Again quite a few questions along fairly similar lines…

Q: I think I lost an Aries man interest/ Aries man only wants one night

Q: What happens when an Aries man/woman is tired of you?

A: Aries likes to be first. Aries likes to win. Aries likes the thrill of the hunt and the chase. Aries likes to be the best. Aries likes room to move. Aries likes to be challenged. Aries is physical. Aries is vital. Aries is sexual. An Aries man can convince you that you are the only woman in the room and the most important person in his life. And  because he is irresistible in this mood you will believe him (especially if you are a naive and impressionable fishie) at least until after he has had his way with you and moved on.  I often (half) joke that the way to keep an Aries interested is not to let him know that he is the best you have ever had (even if he is)- give him a challenge to aim towards.

Q: How to annoy an Aries/ How do you argue with an Aries?

A: Don’t feel badly- this is actually quite easy to do. Aries dislikes detail, so use it. Aries also quite likes the sound of his own voice, but not so much that of others. Aries doesn’t like to be questioned or judged, so if you want to annoy him try and pin him down. His attention span is miniscule, so he bores easily. His temper flares quickly, but doesn’t tend to last long (marginally longer than his attention span), so your window for decent argument is relatively narrow. Often if he thinks he has won, that is good enough for him.

Q: Do Aries men have regrets?

A: Absolutely, although may admit it only to themselves. Aries regrets are generally around conquests not made, adventures not started or fear stopping them from making the move they desperately wished they had made.

Taurus Questions

Q: How fast do Taurus women fall in love?

A: Unless she has Venus in Aries, Taurus will usually take her time to fall in love- but once she does, it is for ever.

Q: Will my Taurus man forget me?

A: Probably not. Taurus is loyal and does like to hold on to what he has.

Q: Is Venus in Taurus voluptuous? (Actually a number of questions in similar veins)

A: Taurus women (and particularly those with the Ascendant or Moon in Taurus) usually have curves that should come with danger warnings.

Q: What does it means when Taurus woman changes habits?

A: That she is very serious indeed! Habits once learned are hard for Taurus to break. New habits are commenced only after a lot of consideration and after examination of the rewards.

Q: How to ensnare a Taurus man?

A: Good food and wine, picnics, massage, nights rugged up on the couch watching movies. Later in the relationship he will be a happy man if you bring him a beer while the footy is on….actually, that is not just confined to Taurus man…

Q: How best to kiss a man with Venus in Taurus?

A: Not sure how best to answer this, but Taurus does rule the throat…