Going the Distance


So anyways, I’m in Bali.

I’ve had five blissfully wonderful days in Ubud, and am now doing the beach, pool and accidental dreadlock thing in Legian.

I had a week off work in January, but this is the first two week break in a year. With a fulltime corporate role and a book that needed to be written and published and blogs to maintain, boy have I needed it! It’s been about letting go and slowing down.

Of course, I had mad plans to do a million and one things when we were in Ubud, but the Universe had something else in mind- a tummy bug that hit me a couple of hours into the flight. It laid me extremely low for a good 24 hours- so low that I was into Day 2 before I had my first Bintang!

Rather than bitching about it, I took it as a sign that I need to be forced to slow down. So I did. Besides, a few young coconuts and an afternoon by the pool soon restored the balance and replenished my reserves.

If you want to see some of what we’ve been up to, check out my instagram feed on the website, or and anyways.

Slowing down (yes, it’s the third time I’ve used the words) is a key phrase for Taurus, and one we tend not to do willingly. How can we- we don’t have the time. Yet slow down we must in order to effectively put down the roots and routines required to make something tangible of our dreams. It’s when we stop that we can gather the energy to go the distance.

I have a pool lounge waiting for me, so for more hints around Taurus New Moons, check out last years post.

At this New Moon, consider where this is happening for you.

The DIY New Moon post is pinned to the home page, so duck over and have a look.

The reference you’re looking for is 26 Taurus 56’- so look also for planets between 25-29 degrees:

  • Any planet within 2 degrees either side of the New Moon in the same sign as the New Moon is conjunct the New Moon- ie Taurus
  • Any planet within 2 degrees (either side) in the sign opposite the New Moon is in opposition to the New Moon- ie Scorpio
  • Any planet within 2 degrees (either side) 3 signs around from the New Moon, and in the same modality to the New Moon is square to the New Moon- ie Leo, Aquarius.
  • Any planet within 2 degrees (either side) 4 signs around from the New Moon, in the same element as the New Moon is trine the New Moon- ie Capricorn or Virgo
  • Any planet within 2 degrees (either side) 2 signs around from the New Moon, in the same polarity as the New Moon is sextile the New Moon- ie Pisces of Cancer

For me, this one falls in my 3rd house, sextile my Moon and Jupiter and trine my Neptune- feeding neatly into my grand trine.


The action will be starting in the 1st, 5th and 9th houses (appropriate), will be about 3rd house issues, and will have its eventual outcome in the 5th (as always), 1st, and 10th. Given that these are sextiles and trines, it’s up to me to make the post of any opportunities that come my way.

It’s all in my 3rd house, so the message there is even though success won’t come overnight it’s about repeatable processes i.e. keep writing!

Given that I’ve just published Baby, It’s You, that all seems terribly apt.

Try it for yourself.