Going the distance: Mars in Taurus

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One of the most searched for phrases on this site is “Taurus man unfaithful”… WTF?

This has made me wonder two things:

  • Are there lots of women out there who just happen to read my site who are with Taurus men who are unfaithful? Or
  • Is there just a couple of women who are with unfaithful Taurus men who keep asking the Universe and hoping for a different answer…sort of like the way I keep asking the Magic 8 ball as specific question of cast the same horary chart over and over again… or the way auditors ask the same stuff in different ways.

So, are Taurus men unfaithful?  Regular readers know my view on this one. I don’t believe that any one sign is more prone to cheating than the next. Having said that, Taurus does have an appetite…for everything… Taurus is also extremely practical- and that can extend to having a Plan B before making a final commitment.

Which brings me to Mars in Taurus (both sexes) and Taurus men in general…Taurus Rising men too will fall into this category as well.

Mars is in his detriment in Taurus.

Taurus is a Venus ruled sign and is all about pleasure and taking the time to smell the roses. Mars, as we know, is driven to win. Taurus’ motivations are around physical security and her goals are closely aligned to achieving this.

In Taurus, Mars’ energy is steady, controlled and strong. Once he has decided that he wants someone or something he is prepared to work for it and will be there for the long haul. Mars in Taurus has immense staying power and is prepared to go the distance.

When he has made up his mind, there is very little that will change it- adaptability is not Taurus’ strong suit. Likewise, if he has achieved his goals and acquired whatever it was he desired, he is reluctant to relinquish it. This goes for relationships too. Taurus likes his comforts so once the tracky daks are on and the feet are on your sofa and the footy is on your TV you will have trouble moving him. Contented cow… so to speak. This is one Mars placement that knows how to slow down and appreciate the moment.

In this way, Mars in Taurus is usually faithful and loyal- but maybe not for the right reasons. Generally slow to commit (Taurus likes to be sure), once in it, he is in it for the long run- often regardless of whether it continues to be a functional relationship. He likes the comfort and stability that comes from long term relationships. Essentially, he is easily pleased and easily satisfied. Did that come out right?

If his comfort or security is threatened, he can be possessive, jealous and down-right bullish… raging bull-ish. Whilst slow to arouse, the Mars in Taurus temper is powerful indeed. Head down, horns up, red haze behind the eyes, nostrils flaring and charge!

Mars in Taurus can also hold a pretty decent grudge when he needs to and will maintain the rage long after its’ best by date. As such, your calm, patient and tolerant Taurus man can become quite cruel and vindictive in the case of a break-up. It can be a little like a toddler who’s had his favourite toy taken away.

Taurus has what can only be termed a lusty appetite when it comes to, well, to most things. His desire is powerful, yet controlled- he likes to take his time. Mars in Earth signs is sensual and tactile. Sex for Mars in Taurus really is about the satisfaction of a physical appetite. Because he is so attuned to his appetites, the way to this mans heart really is through his stomach…he is also one who can absolutely read your body language!

Taurus is closely aligned to money and financial matters, so Taurus man will often align his ego to how well he can provide. Unlike Aries man who wants to charge in on his white horse and throw you onto his saddle to whisk you away from all your problems (long and meaningful sigh), Taurus man will look after you in a more practical way. An Earth sign, he is prepared to work steadily hard to achieve his goals and accumulate the things that he wants to accumulate. He will also work hard to keep it- Mr Taurus tends to be relatively more risk adverse than many other signs.

He is calm and soothing when you need that most. His very fixity provides a steady platform on which you can land, and his earthy practicality supports even the most dramatic of emotional outpourings. He may frustrate you by his reluctance to move, do more than one thing at a time or try anything new. You may stamp your feet when he refuses to go out partying once he has got comfortable for the night. You may not be able to speed him up, but once he has been roused, he won’t stop in a hurry.

And women with Mars in Taurus? All of the above, for sure. Her appetites are physical, her energy steady and lasting. She is prepared to work hard for what she wants. But what does this strong willed woman want in a partner?  He will have Taurean characteristics. He may have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus or Mars in Taurus. He may have a heavy 2nd house chart.

She wants someone who will make her comfortable, someone who will satisfy her physically and look after her materially. She wants someone who will soothe her emotions, make her a cuppa and give her a back rub at the end of a difficult day. He will be someone who will help her achieve her goals and someone who will read her body language. He will be someone who can go the distance.


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  1. Maybe they are catching the Taurus man after his starter wife. My last Taurus boyfriend was a steadfast husband for so many years that when his marriage ended, he was in a serious oat sewing phase. I happened along two years after the fact, but even after convincing me of how I should give him a chance, he didn’t wait two weeks before hopping into bed with someone else. He is awfully close to the Aries edge. Maybe the women are getting Taurus men on the cusp of either Aries or Gemini. Just a thought…

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