give peace a chance?

Color beach ball

So I’m re-writing my astro book…finally.

It’s one of those projects that I’m delaying finishing- for a number of reasons that we won’t go into just now. Anyways, I’m deep into it again.

When I write I listen- to music, to podcasts, whatever.

And yes, I’m well aware that listening to podcasts makes me a little nerdy.

Anyways, yesterday the conversation was about perspective. How you can put a beach ball between two people and each will see different colours.

One side might be pink and orange stripes, the other could be white and green. A third person would see another combination. If you turn the ball around, you get a different perspective.

The guest, an outspoken Aussie politician (who happens to be very Sagittarian with a 10th house Leo Moon) took this concept one step further. She sees herself as being open and direct, but acknowledged that others might see her as being pushy and aggressive- especially if they’re coming from a position of being shy or introverted. It’s all about perspective.

At this Full Moon, it’s that perspective that’s being brought into the spotlight.

On one side we have a mighty powerful Aries Stellium consisting of the Sun and Venus (just 20’ of arc apart), Uranus and Mars. Just 5 degrees separates all of them. This is me me me me me me energy at its hottest and most egocentric.

On the other side is the Libra Moon, looking for balance, diplomacy and perspective.

Making things more complicated and explosive is a square from Mars to Pluto.

This is a tough one.

In one corner we have ambition, power, and ruthlessness. In the other we have energy, restlessness and vitality. The best outcome of this is transformation of epic proportions. The worst is out and out rip em up and spit em out conflict.

The Moon in Libra is a reminder that when we’re confronted with these roadblocks, in order to succeed without coming undone, you need to take a step back and see things from the other side. Sometimes, no matter how angry you are, you have to rise above the anger.

Besides, with Uranus in play at this Full Moon, the solution is likely to be unexpected.

Full Moon at 6 Libra 52′

Wednesday 27/3/13

NZ 10.27pm

Sydney 8.27pm

WA, SE Asia 5.27pm

UK 9.27am

US- EDT 5.27am

US- PDT 2.27am