Full Moon in Pisces 25/8/10

dreamstime_835379[1]Wednesday 25/8/10 approx 3.05am Sydney time

This weeks Full Moon in Pisces (at around 1 degree 25’) puts the spotlight firmly on the differences between fantasy and reality, escapism and routine, empathy and practicality, breezy disregard for detail and attention to fine details. Wherever this falls in your chart is the area of life which is being exposed to these contrasts.

At this Full Moon, Pluto in the early degrees of Capricorn forms easy aspects to both the Sun and Moon. As far as the distance between dream and reality may appear, the involvement and intensity of Pluto has the ability to bring some reality to your fantasies and some depth of meaning to the routine- thereby narrowing this gap. I know I am just a trippy Piscean, but perhaps dreams can come true…and anyway, too much work and routine is, quite frankly, flipping boring, albeit often necessary:)

As an aside, the Full Moon is always the best time to cleanse and re-charge crystals… I think mine are still out there from last month…ooops.