Full Moon in Leo- Express Yourself

express yourself

As I mentioned in the last post, the Sun conjunct Neptune can push the self to one side. And isn’t that a lot of what the Aquarian ego is actually based on? Shine through work that benefits others. Detach from the spotlight. The very opposite to Leo in oh so many ways.

A Leo Moon calls for self expression in a creative, vibrant and authentic way… although possibly not as expressive as I just was on a difficult phone call when I found myself stringing together enough expletives in a single sentence to make even Gordon Ramsay blush…and me a lady and all…

A Leo Moon likes to shine more brightly than anything else. Yet, a Full Moon is always calling for balance. In this case it is a warning against selfishness and self gain at the expense of others. You can still be Queen of all you survey- but a benefic rather than a malelovent ruler. With Neptune still hooked up with the Sun, a little escape will do you good if you need it- even the promise of escape (I am at the moment researching completely decadent spas in Bali…) will get you through.

Venus is moving through to a challenging square off against Saturn. A reminder that boundaries are necessary in all relationships- especially in those with ourselves. This one is an interesting one given that Saturn is in the sign of Venus and Venus is in the sign of Saturn- mutually receptive re call it. But given that Saturn is exalted in Libra & Venus is merely tolerated in Capricorn, Saturn is in the box seat, so to speak.

The Full Moon is at 29Leo20′ (or thereabouts) at 6.35pm Sydney time Friday. Have a look at where this point falls in your chart. Where is it that you allow the boundaries to blur between self  & others? Where is it that you feel you are not being heard, or where is it you may be going too far on the other way & not hearing others. Wherever it is, let your hair down if you need to, raise your voice if you need to, take a step back & think about the needs of others if you need to…but balance it out as best you can. Express yourself- even if your form of expression is just a tad left of centre or quirkier than the norm…Dare to be You.


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