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Full Moon at 30 Aries: Me and Us

Full Moon comp

Not only do we have 5 weekends in October (still loving the concept of that), but we have 2 Full Moons in Aries in a row.

The 1st of these was right on the cardinal point ie the 1st degree of Aries, this one is in the last degree. With Saturn tracking the Libra and Venus in retrograde, the concepts of relating and relationships are under high beam.

The biggest challenge of any relationship- whether it be business or personal is that of balancing individual needs against those of the relationship. I versus we. The point behind this Full Moon (and I could make a really nasty comment about how Aries doesn’t have the patience to get the message once, so we have to send it twice…) is that compromise, spontaneity and the consideration of each others needs will add colour and depth to relationships. Aries needs to win and Libra likes to avoid conflict and keep the peace…even I can see how that can upset the balance! Aries can learn much from Libra’s graceful ability to bring balance and Libra can be energised by Aries sense of fun and independence- the two can coexist.

Wherever 30 Aries and 30 Libra falls in your chart will be where the focus is on relating.

Full Moon is at 11.36am Saturday (Sydney time), so Friday evening in the US.

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