Full Moon and eclipse in Gemini- and a NANOWRIMO Update

I did it!

NANOWRIMO- 50,000 words in the month of November.

My poor little writers hands are suffering, and I feel like I’ve been burning both ends of the candle, but I got there.

What’s interesting is that I got there, this time, with the help of what I knew was going on in the sky.

Now the nano people obviously don’t know a whole lot about Mercury or the retrograde phases, but then again, given that the point of nano is to write a “novel” over the month of NOvember, you couldn’t very well move the event, just because the month, astrologically, was going to play a little havoc with peoples time, appointments and technology.

The forums have been full of things like:

‘I had unexpected visitors that threw my schedule out…’

‘My computer has carked it…’

‘My hard drive crashed…’

‘My schedule has completely disappeared…’

‘The op that was arranged for December has been moved forward…’

In my case, I knew I had two weekends planned away, I knew they had the potential to go haywire, I knew that Mercury retrograde was potentially going to have a little fun with the other appointments in my calendar, so I allowed for all that.

Before I started I made sure back up plans were in place. I know that I needed to be fast out of the starting blocks to get a good base down for any potential issues while we wee away, so cleared the first weekend of activities.

I had more requests for readings and guest posts than I have had in months, and made the firm decision not to accept any of them until December.

And I wrote at every possible opportunity.

Because of my schedule this meant getting up a little earlier to get words done before work, and staying up a little later to get words done before I went to sleep.

This time I also wrote scenes according to the cycles of the Moon. I wrote a restaurant scene when the Moon was in Taurus, a family showdown when the Moon was in Cancer, and a workplace contract negotiation when the Moon was in Capricorn.

The spiciest of my love scenes was written in the day after Venus moved into Scorpio.

More importantly, I’m loving the actual story.

And yes, I had some technology snafus- my internet has been down for most of the last week, and my phone is dying rapidly. But I got there.

Sure I need another 35,000 words for a credible first draft, and then the hard work begins.

The chick lit book that started life under the last nano (I wrote about it here) has been re-written twice, edited once more and is about to undergo a manuscript assessment/structural edit in an attempt to tighten the saggy bits one last time.

So, I am nowhere near done, and need to keep my eye on the big picture.

Speaking of which, we have a Full Moon in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Sydney time).

At 6 Gemini 47’, this one is aligned with future driven Jupiter, so no matter how dark that tunnel feels, allow yourself to see that tiny sliver of light and optimism at the end.

The Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is newly direct in Scorpio, and re-tracing steps. Don’t be surprised if new solutions or information to old problems surface from the depths.

This Full Moon also aligns with Uranus, allowing the possibility of the unexpected.

The biggie though, is the conjunction between Mars and Pluto, and the supportive sextile from Venus across to this powerhouse.

If Venus represents the things that we want and Mars our desires and how we go about getting them, and Pluto adds an element of power, ambition and oomph to all of that, I’m starting to think that now is exactly the right time to be getting out there with whatever it is that you truly want to be getting out there with.

This one falls in my 9th house and square (to the degree) to my 12th house Mercury. What does it mean for your chart?