Moon saturn

From darkness into light…something about Saturn/Moon transits


the desolation of Lindiis Pass in New Zealand. This can be how Saturn/Moon transits feel.

Saturn transits can be tough.

There’s no denying that.

There are, however, a few things that make them tougher:

  • Resistance. When it comes to Saturn, resistance is futile…so is attempting to second guess or stay one step ahead. Saturn will have his way and the more you resist or bury your head in the sand, the harder and more painful the lesson will be.
  • Your relationship with Saturn. Or, more specifically, the relationship you have with Saturn in your chart. Quite simply, if Saturn is well integrated in your life- if you have Capricorn personal planets or Saturn aspecting personal planets- you will be way more used to Saturn and his lessons than if you don’t.

In my chart, Saturn is in Aries (where he is in the sign of his fall) and is the only planet in my chart that doesn’t touch any other planets. As a result, Saturn is an unfamiliar presence in my life.

I’ll take it one step further- I firmly believe that if those dudes in Denmark, or wherever it was, had to de-register a planet, why couldn’t it have been Saturn? Pluto can be the dark lord, but I know him pretty well.

I’ve had some serious stinky stuff go down under Saturn transits- especially the recent series of oppositions (when Saturn was opposing all my Pisces planets).

I’ve also had some seriously good stuff happen under Saturn conjunctions:

  • When Saturn was conjunct Mercury I was standing in church saying wedding vows.
  • When Saturn was conjunct my Ascendant/Sun (and square my Midheaven) I was promoted to a senior and very responsible position- one normally given to men much older than me. It was a role that tested me and a role that nearly broke me. It was a role that I had to grow up in order to do.
  • When Saturn was conjunct Venus, there was a reason for me to take relationships very seriously- I gave birth to my daughter.

When Saturn was conjunct my Moon though, the situation was very different.

It was just over a year before I fell pregnant with my daughter and I was going through one of the most emotionally isolating experiences of my life- dealing with what happens when babies don’t come to order.  Sure hubby and I were dealing with it together, but as anyone who has gone through this knows, you feel as if you are in it alone.

The point is, Saturn transits can be shit, but they can also be rewarding…from a distance and with a lot of hindsight. The thing is, you can’t see the light until you’ve seen the dark. Yes, that is profound, but you get through it. We got through it.

At the time I wasn’t sure there would ever be any light. I wasn’t sure I would get through it. I couldn’t understand why something so simple had to be so hard and hurt so much. But there was a light- and she’s now nearly 15.


If you have the Moon in Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo, sometime over the next 2 ½ years you will be dealing with a Saturn/Moon transit. Here’s the guide to what you might expect.

As for timing?  You will feel the transit around 2 degrees before and after it’s exact. Here’s a rough guide to timing.