For Nan…

This morning my Progressed Moon moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. As it did my Nan passed away.

She was 94 and, up until 2 months ago, was a fit and healthy 94. That was before cancer.

I remember when I talked to her a couple of days before the diagnosis. We finished the call with usual “I love you Nan,” yet when I hung up I felt that it was the last time I had talked to Nan as Nan. And it was.

My Nan believed in all of us. Completely, without judgement. She used to tell me all the time how beautiful and clever I am. No one else told me that when I was young- just my Nan.  She didn’t care about the labels- you know I was the “smart one”, my sister was the “sporty one”, my other sister was the “popular one”. She didn’t care about that- each of us were special and unique in our own way.

When I had my heart broken, Nan was the one that I rang- I knew she’d understand. I knew that she wouldn’t judge. She did understand and she never judged. She just listened. She let me swear, she let me cry.

To Nan, her family was everything. Anyone who married into it was automatically part of it. And anyone who was part of the family would be loved and defended. She was the typical Cancer Matriarch. The guy who broke my heart? She never forgave him, but she loved my husband as if her were one of her own.

At my Nan’s 90th birthday, she wore her favourite strappy silver sandals (“my legs have always been my best feature, darling…”, a tiara and a silver lame jacket. She stood in the door at Ingleburn RSL and announced to everyone gathered- all her family, 5 kids, 13 grandkids, umpteen great grand kids, nieces, nephews, twice, three times removed- that she was there and the party could get started. Darlings.

That was Nan- she loved a party, she loved to dress up, she loved a dance, she loved her heels, she loved bling and feather boas and fake sparkles. She wasn’t your typical Cancer Sun- she was something so much more.

In her 80s she started she started a new career- volunteering. This coincided with her Uranus return. It was as if now that the kids had all grown, Nan was being herself.

At 82 she was the oldest volunteer at the Sydney Olympics. They all knew Mavis. She continued to volunteer at Sydney events all the way through until the Easter Show this year. To get there she had to catch two trains and walk for ages. But she did it.

She volunteered each year for the tennis, for City to Surf, she dressed up in pink for Breast Cancer Day and rallied for diabetes and any other cause that needed a volunteer.

This was perfectly in tune with her Moon conjunct Uranus in Aquarius, trining Jupiter in Gemini. It made her happy- she was spreading the light.

We always said that she was a modern medical marvel. A heavy smoker for most of her life (she gave it up at 82 when she found out it could kill her), Nan’s breakfast for many years was a cigarette and an aspirin powder.

The Sun in Cancer is usually associated with food- feeding people. Nan always made sure no one was hungry, but rarely allowed herself nourishment. With her Moon in Aquarius, she really didn’t worry that much about sustaining herself- food wasn’t that important to her.

Now she’s gone and I miss her already. We’ll all miss her- her sparkles, her heels her life of the party. Mostly we’ll miss her love.

Bless you Nan. Thank you for being part of my life. Tell St Peter (or whoever is in charge up there) to clear the dancefloors in heaven, cos Nan’s on her way.

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I’m so sorry to read of your dear Nan’s passing, Jo. What an inspiring Lady. You and your family are in my thoughts xo

Hello Jo, what a beautiful tribute to your loving Nan. I just wanted to express my condolences and also to let you know how much I enjoy all your posts. I can tell you this, life and love go on and I am sure you will get a sign from your Nan soon enough to let you know she is not only ok but kicking her heels up in Heaven! Blessings to you and thanks for a beautiful tribute, it was a joy to read. In light and love,
Shawn Cohen
Psychic Medium

So sorry to hear of your loss. It just plain sucks when you lose a bright star of your life. They can start tonights party in heaven now! What a party it’ll be!! I like to imagine that my mum is playing absurd practicle jokes up in heaven. Every time i hear of another big personality leaving us i think how much my mum will enjoy having someone new to laugh with. My heart goes out to you Jo.

I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts about her (I’m a Cancer sun). She sounded like an amazing lady and I truly appreciated hearing about a cancer female that was vibrant and colorful opposed to insecure and moody. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of her with all of us. She will be greatly missed and blessings to you and your family during this time.

Thank you everyone for your wishes. In true Cancer spirit, we are a large family with lots of wonderful support and love- and an even larger virtual family. 🙂 Lily- I hope they catch up, GemCrab- I love looking at the range of behaviour in a sign…it isn’t all like the textbooks say it is :).

God Bless Nana and all the family. Wouldn’t you love to call a star after her. Simply the best !

Thanks for sharing such a precious part of your life Jo. All the very best to you and your family as you celebrate your wonderful Nan 🙂

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