For Better and For Worse- Jupiter Transits of the 7th House

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Relationships, for better or for worse, are absolutely pivotal in our lives. Whether we are in one, finishing one, contemplating one, complaining about one or yearning for one, our key relationships and their relative health impact the way we see ourselves, the way we feel about ourselves, the way the world sees us and just how happy or otherwise our home and work life is.

The 7th house, or Descendant, is where we meet other people in relationship. Don’t just think life and marriage partners; think about other relationships- business partnerships, colleagues, openly declared enemies. Yep, enemies, well those who make no secret about how they feel about you, also belong in the 7th house.*

If Jupiter makes things bigger, makes things happen quicker, what do you think might happen when he comes rampaging happily through your 7th house? Well, for a start you will probably have meet more people, but they will be relationships that will, in some way, help you to grow. They will be relationships that fill a gap.

A 7th house transit doesn’t necessarily mean that you will meet and fall in love with the man of your dreams who will also love you and you will live happily ever after. There generally needs to be some other indicators in the chart for that. But it does mean that you may come into contact with people who do fulfil something within you which can’t be met alone. This could be a romantic partnership, a business partnership or a professional partnership.

I got engaged during a Jupiter 7th house transit back in 1993, and then in the most recent transit 2005 was drawn into partnerships at work with people who whether they know it or not, changed my life and its’ focus through our relationship.

When Saturn comes through the 7th house, your commitment is tested- many people either make a commitment during this transit or re-think a commitment made earlier in the cycle. But isn’t Jupiter supposed to be about fun stuff? This transit is good for partnerships, but as usual with Jupiter transits, care has to be taken not to take those partnerships for granted.

Jupiter transits of the 7th may have you wanting more from a relationship that is actually really pretty good. The danger is when you expect more from your partner when in fact you maybe should be looking at yourself. Jupiter transits of the 7th may also drop temptations into your lap that are not really that healthy for you to pursue. The risk is great and before you know it you have slipped up in a pretty major way. Then again, maybe you had to listen to the siren call of another in order to recognise that there actually was something within your relationship that wasn’t fulfilling you. Jupiter presents the opportunities- it is up to you to take them.

Relationships that come into your life during this transit will have a Jupiter nature about them- they may be with Jupiterian types- larger than life or perhaps someone who can teach you something. There could be an overseas or travel element involved, or maybe even just getting involved with someone who is from a completely different race or background to you- someone who makes you think and learn outside of your previous boundaries.

People who come into your life at this time have the potential to impact your life on every level, but as always with Jupiter- excesses and over-stepping yourself can get you into trouble…but then again, isn’t that what relationships are about? For better and for worse?

If you are Virgo or Virgo Rising, Jupiter will be going through your 7th house while it is in Pisces. Other mutable signs- Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini will feel challenges through the other angles in their chart too as relationship issues are reflected back on work/life balance and your own needs as an individual.

*Friends are 11th house matters, Bosses (unless you are involved outside of work and therefore don’t think of him/her as your boss) are 10th house, and children are 5th house. Your “servants” (people who work for you) are 6th house and the back stabbing [email protected]#$%^ in the next partition who smiles at you while secretly spreading malicious gossip is a secret enemy, so a 12th house relationship.

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