Flying High- Jupiter Transits of the 9th House

What a difference a bit of make-up can do for an old girl- Sydney Airport, that is- although I had a similar experience at the Bobbi Brown counter in Duty Free with their new coral range…  In the 6 weeks since I was last out here, the scaffolds have come off, the boards are down, and a new and really quite stylish range of shops has emerged. Not bad at all.

I remember when I was a little girl, before we left suburban Sydney for country NSW, Mum & Dad used to sometimes pile us all into the car for Sunday drives to the airport.  It all sounds rather lame now, but as a kid growing up in the early 1970s, air travel was still beyond the reach of most people, although Dad got to travel from time to time for work. There was a spot near Mascot where we could watch the planes taking off and landing, coming so close over our heads. I would dream about one day being one of those busy people at the airport to actually fly somewhere.

Neptune is in my 9th house in exact trine to Jupiter (my chart ruler). Not unusually for someone with such a strong Jupiter signature, travel has always fascinated me. One of my earliest memories is of looking at the sky from our backyard in suburban Carlingford and wondering aloud to my sister where the plane we saw was going to or coming back from. My sister would ignore me and continue on with whatever we were doing- back then, it was probably impromptu Abba concerts with the next door neighbours’ kids using our concrete block barbecue as a stage. Mamma Mia, here I go again.

Even today, I maintain an ever growing “bucket list” in the back of my head of places I want to go to and things I want to see and can’t imagine letting go of these dreams.

Last time Jupiter was in my 9th house I was flying a lot- mainly in and out of Melbourne for work. I loved every minute of it. I would stay in an apartment down in South Yarra, and cook and buy groceries at Prahan markets and catch the tram to work- just like a local. Sometimes I would travel with colleagues, but often I was alone. It was almost as if I had this parallel existence. By the time Jupiter was in my 10th house, things had happened and my wings were pretty well clipped again.

The 9th house isn’t just about travel- that is just a literal interpretation and the way it manifests for me. The 9th is associated naturally with Sagittarius and Jupiter, so is primarily about expansion of horizons, the breaking down of boundaries to learn something new, to reach a new level of awareness. This may be physical travel or it may be around a new field of study or spiritual awakening. It may be associating with colleagues or associates from a different country or culture or even social structure.

Jupiter and the 9th house is also a lot about faith and optimism, the big picture rather than pesky little details. During a transit of this house, you will be less likely to sweat the small stuff and more likely to believe…in something.

You may become interested in religion, or some other belief system. You may go back to school or start studying something that challenges what you already know, or think you know. You may become attached to or influenced by a Teacher, “Guru” or someone who encourages you to take your mind beyond its current boundaries. Despite being interested in a background sort of way for many years and reading extensively, during the last Jupiter 9th house transit I also formally began studying astrology.

The 9th house is also associated with the broadcasting of information- teaching, communication on a grand scale, publishing- getting the message across to masses. The 9th house Jupiter transit I had in the 1990s saw me travelling around Australia training staff on a new Debt Collection System the bank that I was working for had introduced. I had been given 2 days notice to come in, re-write the material and fly to Perth for 3 weeks to facilitate the training. I had never been exposed to training before, nor was I familiar with the system I was training on, but had 6 hours on a plane to learn it and a Jupiterian optimism that I would land on my feet!

To decide how Jupiter in the 9th may impact you, have a look at what your 9th house signature is. Scorpio is on the cusp of mine, with Mars in Scorpio in the 8th– when I travel I like to get underneath the glossy surface. For example, I am currently working for a week or so in Hong Kong and spend my mornings before work wandering up and down side streets watching the city wake up and photographing things like markets and everyday activities.

If you have Cancer on the cusp of the 9th, you may be less likely to stray to far from the comforts of home, whereas with a Mercury ruled sign (or Mercury) on the 9th, learning and study might be your preferred option. Capricorn on the 9th or Saturn in the 9th might have you undertaking business or work related studies, or even travel with a view to expanding your collection of business cards.

Above all, 9th house transits are about providing opportunities to do things that push you out of your comfort zone- whether that be standing up in front of people you have never met before delivering a message or jumping off a platform with an elastic band tied around your ankles into the Waikato River. Whilst my chiropractor would certainly counsel against the bungy option, other than that, the sky really is the limit.

Jupiter transits of the 9th will also impact the 3rd, the 6th and the 12th. If your Sun or Rising Sign is in Cancer, Jupiter will be transiting your 9th house while he is in Pisces. For more ideas about travel through the signs check out this old post- Its’ All About Soul.