Flat-lining- Full Moon in Sag

I have just realised that I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and the Universe is passing me by.

Yes, I am still having the heaviest of Saturn transits (Saturn/Moon opposition) and quite frankly I have felt depleted and flat- and for someone like me who likes to FEEL, flat-lining is crappy. And, I really don’t need Saturn’s help to feel heavy and old- I am quite capable of doing that on my own.

It doesn’t help that I know what I want and am feeling frustrated in going after it. It doesn’t help that there I so many reasons why Ishouldn’t go after it- almost as many reasons as why I should. It doesn’t help that I feel like I am in some kind of limbo.  It doesn’t help that it feels like the lead weight on my chest is too heavy to move so I can move forward. It doesn’t help that I am full of excuses.

Todays Full Moon (around 9am here in Sydney) is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about more than anything absolute truth, absolute justice, absolute integrity. The Full Moon, as we know, casts a great big spotlight on what area of life needs to be exposed.

My friend AstroSparkles wrote this on her Facebook page (if you are on Facebook & don’t follow her, you should!) yesterday:

“Sometimes, we go through life with a bit (or a lot) of a facade. There’s a face we put on for friends, for colleagues, for the public .. even for ourselves. Someone asks us how we are and automatically, the answer is OK. Fine. Great even. And often it is. But when it’s not, every now and then something comes along and *pings* us. And when we’re *pinged*, we realise that maybe it’s not OK. Fine. Great even. We want more, we catch a glimpse of where it’s not ok, fine, great even, we catch a glimpse of what might be, if “things” were different.

We glimpse our Truth.

Has something been fighting it’s way to the surface in your life recently? Are there realisations coming through, sometimes from unexpected sources? Have things felt off kilter, not quite right, missing? Alternately, have you been seeking something different, something new, something *else*?

The Sagittarius Full Moon is one such *ping*. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s seeker of Truth – in fact demander of truth – and right now you might be feeling agitated, restless, raring to find a new experience that will bring you closer to your Truth. The full moon is illuminating what’s in shadow and bringing it to light, Sagittarius is granting you the freedom to go after it. ”

I couldn’t say it better myself. Nor could I express better the way that things are at present. I am great at the facade and allow very few very privileged (although they may not think that) people to see below the mask. There is a reason for that. To see behind the mask is to be vulnerable and risk rejection.

This Full Moon squares my 12th house Mercury (yes, the worst Mercury in history). ThisFull Moon is asking me to see the hidden truth. Honestly? I think I already know the answer- whether I can acknowledge it and act on it is an entirely different thing.