Fix You: Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse


Illustration of virgo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl

The problem with habits is that in order to be defined as one, you actually have to do the thing that’s going to be a habit more than once.

Sad but true.

Now, those of you out there with more fixed energy in your charts, and more Saturn than I would be rolling your eyes about now.

The thing is, there’s a vast chasm, a great empty canyon of space between what I know I should be doing, my intentions and….what I should be doing. The mind is willing, but the spirit very easily distracted…or something like that.

Anyways, at this time of the year I get to thinking a lot about habits- mostly bad, some good, some new, some ancient.

I’ll make a declaration, it might be a blanket statement about giving up alcohol, wheat, carbs after 3pm. It might be a declaration about training twice a day…no excuses. It could even be something about never ever ever letting the weeds in my garden get to triffid height, or taking vitamins, probiotics and those fishy things that are supposed to help my joints each morning.

I like to think that I can do it once, and it will be ingrained. Yes, seriously.

Three things are inherently wrong with this scenario:

  1. I have an abundance of mutable planets in my chart, as such change is second nature…habits are not so…unless they are bad, fun, unhealthy ones. Instead I should be building on one habit a week, cementing it, and then trying another. That’s what I’d tell me if I was sitting in front of me having an astrology reading and bitching and complaining about not being about to stick at anything.
  2. I have a whopping great opposition in my chart: ASC/Sun/Moon in Pisces vs Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. As a result I go from chaos to control faster than a Ferrari can do the 0-60 thing. All or nothing, perfection or crap seems to be my modus operandi when moderation and middle ground should be what I’m aiming for. That’s what I’d tell me if I was sitting in front of me having an astrology reading and bitching and complaining about not being able to find a balance.
  3. Life is messy. Very messy, and very rarely heads in a straight line. I might be great for, oh, hours…sometimes even days….then I hit a bump and things fall apart. It’s at this point that the old habits jump back up and down “pick me, pick me” they yell. Ok. Sure, I say.

At the Virgo New Moon we have the opportunity to do a little house cleaning, a little sprucing up of habits. It might be an efficiency wake-up call, a gentle dust down, or you could be needing the full on premium service overhaul. That’s your call.

Where 20 Virgo 19’ falls in your chart is the area of life requiring a little Virgo attention to detail. In my case it’s my 7th house, so this is about relationships- both romantic and otherwise. I tend to say yes when I should be saying no, and find myself investing time and energy in things that get in the way of what I really want to be doing. This undiscriminating Piscean needs a little more Virgo discrimination, me thinks. Yes, my act needs cleaning up.

The message for this New Moon is threefold:

  • The perfection trap. This is Virgo, after all. Repeat after me- there is no such thing, so accept it and give yourself a break.
  • Deviations and bumps. There will be both. Accept it.
  • Life is messy. This can be fun…or not…. Either way, it’s a statement of fact, so again, accept it.


Doing it for yourself…

By now you should know how to personalize this- and are possibly even tracking the cycles through your lunation journal. If not, duck over to this post for a refresher. Given that this is also an eclipse, turn the volume way up loud.

As a refresher, for your New Moon story:


  1. Look at where 20 Virgo 10’ is in your chart. The symbol is above.
  2. Look for planets or chart points lying between 18-22(ish) of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces. The New Moon will be conjunct, square or opposite these.
  3. Look for planets of chart points lying between 18-22 (ish) of Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. The New Moon will be trine or sextile these.


Here’s how my New Moon transits look- it’s a 1st and 7th house transit for me with outcomes in the 5th (as always), the 6th, 9th and 12th. Those of you who have been following along in the Tuesday Toolbox will have recognised that the 6th, 9th and 12th houses are all cadent houses- I have things to learn…

New Moon in Virgo- Sunday afternoon here in Aus, Sunday morning and Saturday evening for those of you in the Northern hemisphere…