Finding The White Space

Byron Bay- Pic by me
Byron Bay- Pic by me

You may have noticed that I am talking a lot about de-cluttering and refining lately. Yep, the Sun is in Virgo, but my Progressed Moon has just moved into Scorpio, and that is all about elimination. In fact, Scorpio is the un-noticed clean freak- the one who doesn’t let a leaf float onto the pavement and has everything in its place. Scorpio Moon is possibly the best (or worst) at this with a need to control his environment- right down to the relative height of the filing cabinets (and you know who I am talking about).

If my Scorpio hubby didn’t have a Taurus rising, we possibly would be having this discussion as there would be no clutter in my house. But he does (have Taurus Rising) so we are (having this discussion).

There is a great scene in AbFab- I think it is the one where Eddy goes to New York to look for a door handle- where Eddy sweeps everything off the kitchen bench and declares “I want clean surfaces, Sweetie, clean surfaces.” This is one of those things where the physical crap and clutter influences the head space stuff. But I don’t know where to start, with any of it.

This weekend is a de-cluttering one. The Moon will be in Aquarius, so a great opportunity to detach and just toss. If I don’t get it done, a (possibly soon to be ex) friend has threatened to grab my ponytail and forcibly walk me through the house one room at a time. I can’t take the risk that he might be serious.

This post by Leo Babauta from Zen Habits says it better than I could, so if you are having problems finding Life’s Missing White Space, have a lookee at this post.


  1. Amen. We’ve finally shipped all our furniture up from Florida, and our living room is just towers of boxes now… but my bathroom is fastidiously clean and uncluttered just so I can go in there and go “ahhh…” before returning to the mess.

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