finding the missing link…

I’m doing a reading for someone at the moment who is missing the element of Earth in their chart.

Often when there is no Earth in the chart that individual would have difficulty in manifesting their own potential, would perhaps ignore their own needs, maybe stuck in their head without much idea of what their body is up to, they might be idealistic with no means of turning the dream into reality. Sort of like the opposite of each of the Earth signs themselves.

Normally I would tell someone lacking Earth to bring some in through foods (wholegrains, root vegies), colour (green or earth tones), exercise (gardening or walking outdoors), body work (massage, aromatherapy) or routine (steady schedules, and regular mealtimes).

This person has built a successful business, has translated their skills into a stable job and seems very much at home in their body and with their boundaries.

They also have subconsciously taken on all of the activities I would normally have suggested. Somehow, they’ve known this.

I have no Air in my chart, yet I communicate well, I’m pretty good in terms of perceiving new ideas and joining the dots, but I’m hopelessly uncoordinated (my mother used to call me a fairy bus horse- no, I don’t know what that is either- just that it clod hops noisily…) and really don’t get the whole appeal of groups. I suffer shortness of breath (I had a lot of childhood asthma), tend towards introversion (if left to my own devices) and have a relatively weak nervous system. These are all symptomatic of a lack of air.

Yet, I excelled at school, did reasonably well at Uni, and held down a job for many years that required me to do all the Airy things that you’re supposed to do.

Somehow, I did the things that “bring” in Air.

I worked in a team, I did the social thing, I talked to a lot of people every day, hell, these days I communicate with more people than I ever could have imagined.

Over the years I learned to play the piano (badly), took up aerobics and bellydancing (badly), and yoga for deep breathing. I did all of this without knowing that I should. And somehow, it compensated.

I didn’t realise quite how much it compensated until I stopped formal work, was no longer interacting physically with people or a team, was no longer doing yoga or dance.

The asthma came back, I retreated into myself and my body definitely became less supple.

I don’t have much Earth either (just the generational planets Uranus and Pluto), so stopping work and the regular routine that goes with that caused absolute havoc on the Earth side of things as well- I was no longer achieving anything.

I’d lost my balance.

I have a friend with no water in her chart. She’s seriously Earthy, with a touch of Air. Seriously earthy.

The biggest thing she has issues with is empathy and sensitivity. She also complains a lot about dry skin and stiff joints- that’s also a lack of water.

When I say lack of sensitivity, it isn’t that she doesn’t care, it’s that she doesn’t know how to pick up on the non verbal cues.

This used to upset me- she’d repeatedly ask me about things that upset or hurt me, and didn’t seem to know when to stop. It wasn’t because she wanted to hurt me- quite to the contrary, she was asking because she cared. She was asking because knowing the answers helped her put things into where they needed to be so she could help me.

Once I realised this, I also realised that I’d have to tell her. Now I’ll say something like “blah blah blah is happening & it’s messing me up, but please don’t ask me anymore because I’m really not ready to talk about it.”

The thing is, this friend deliberately goes out of her way not to bring any water into her life.

The thing is, many of us compensate- subconsciously- through the things we do, the foods we eat, colours we wear.

We also compensate by surrounding ourselves with people who balance you out. I married my missing element- Mr T has the Moon, Mercury and Venus in Air signs. It causes enough challenge and friction to push me out of my watery depths.

Next time we’ll look at Fire- too much fire? Too little Fire? What can you do about it?


In the meantime, we’ve been having a great discussion over on the Facebook page, but I’d love to know- what is your missing element? What do you do about it?

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