Want a reading?

Apologies, but with my corporate work and personal writing commitments, I no longer have time to do personal readings.

Here in Australia I recommend Cassandra Tyndall, and in the US, you can contact Kelly Surtees. In the UK, you might want to try The Oxford Astrologer or Sally Kirkman.

Also, please please please don’t send me your details and ask me to make an exception and to do it for free. I get that sometimes we feel like we need help, guidance, answers – man, we all do from time to time – but I have bills to pay too, and those freebies add up and take me away from earning what I need to earn to both survive and to keep this site running at no cost to you.

If you wouldn’t ask your hairdresser to do your hair for free, please don’t treat me any differently. Besides, I’m a Pisces and can do guilt for Australia.

But wait…

From time to time I’ll ask for “volunteers” via my newsletter to contribute charts to have certain aspects etc interpreted. Naturally all names and personal details are changed, but keep an eye out for these offers.