How to get your chart…

So you’re interested in astrology but have no idea where to start? Having a copy of your own birth chart is a good place.

Sure you can send me a mail and I’ll charge you $10 to draw one up (no consult, just the chart…) or you can have a go at doing it yourself.

Here’s how.

Make your way via the magic of the internet to

  • Choose the option for “free horoscopes” on the top menu


  • Select “Natal Chart, Ascendant”
  • You don’t need to be a subscriber, but if is free if you want to sign up. Signing up allows you to keep a bit of a file for your charts if you are learning.
  • Select the guest users option and click to go to the data entry page.
  • From here you will need to follow the information prompts. If you don’t have an accurate birth time the Ascendant and house system will not be correct, but the planetary information should be. You will need to pop something in here though, so use 12pm. This is my dog’s chart. The time isn’t accurate…


  • This will produce a chart that looks something like this.


  • If you click on “view the additional tables (pdf)” you will see the aspect table and house cusps in more detail.

Yep, it really is that easy…