How I learnt astrology…


Ok, I’m still learning – I don’t think you ever stop…but how did I learn the basics?

Of course I’d always been interested – in an I’m a Pisces so what does that say about me way. But when I hit 39, my world began to change in a major way. Knowing what I know now but didn’t know then, I was having some whoppers of Pluto squares and Uranus conjunctions.

Anyways, a random comment from a tarot reader in Melbourne got me interested. So I bought a book. Then another one. Then I started playing with charts. Then, in February 2007, I went to my first astrology class. It was in Sydney and my teacher was Kelly Surtees. I attended classes for the next couple of years, joined the NSW Astrology Association, attended a couple of conferences and even did the exams. Oh, and I also subscribed to The Mountain Astrologer – the best astrology magazine out there…naturally, with the exception to Wellbeing Astrology that I contribute to…

Over the years I’ve built a lovely network of astropals. When we get together it’s like talking a language that you just can’t talk at any other time. As valuable as my formal studies and personal readings were, it’s this informal chatting and exchanging of information that’s taught me so much more.

So what’s best for you?

To be honest? A combination of all of this. Some reading, some classes, and some like-minded peeps.

A few years ago I did some teaching – and loved it more than I can tell you. Sadly, work got in the way – but it’s why I started the Tuesday Toolbox posts. These are getting turned into a series of ebooks and will also become a course. Stay tuned for that.

As for the books I recommend to get you started?

If you want a textbook or some extra reading to help you on your way, the books that I’d recommend are:

  • The Chart Interpretation Handbook, by Stephen Arroyo. I can’t tell you just how much I love love love this book
  • The Inner Sky, by Steve Forrest,
  • The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, by April Elliott Kent- although this is currently out of print, you might be able to snaffle a copy on ebay
  • Astrology for Dummies…yes, really…
  • Check out also the articles available on I especially love this series on The Houses by Dana Gerhardt

Naturally there are heaps more out there – and we all learn differently, so if you have a fave, why not comment on the Facebook page?