Book Review


Joanne Tracey_Baby Its You- comp

So anyways, today is publication day for Baby, It’s You. Although, given that I’m writing this last Friday, perhaps that’s not strictly correct…

In a way, it’s a little of an anti-climax…although hubby and I intend to have a little launch party for ourselves here in Ubud somewhere.

How to get it?

Baby, It’s You is available on kindle via the Amazon store. The link is here. Hopefully the thumbnail cover is showing by now- if not, I’m obviously in the process of trying to fix it and am being hampered by dodgy wi-fi.

Although I’m only publishing on Amazon at the moment (will launch on iTunes in 90 days), you don’t need to have a kindle to read it. The free kindle app (on iTunes, and, I think, google play) lets you read on your phone, your tablet, and even your Macbook.

To everyone who has supported me over this process- there are lots of you, and hopefully you know who you are- thank you, thank you, thank you.

What’s it about? Not astrology- although (and here’s a spoiler alert), Emily does meet an astrologer within the pages of this book who will have her own starring role in book no. 3…

Anyways, Baby, It’s You is chick lit- women’s fiction, romantic comedy…whatever. My back cover blurb is below, but if you want to meet the characters, duck on over to andanyways

Emily Porter likes lists: daily to-do lists, shopping lists, playlists, reasons to dump her boyfriend lists, reasons to stay with her boyfriend lists.

The one list Em doesn’t have is a bucket list. She doesn’t need one –her life is predictable, her job is satisfactory, and even though she has a thing about men who wind up back with the woman they were rebounding from, there’ll always be her friends, Suse and Booth, to see her through. So when Em inherits a bucket list in the pocket of a vintage blue suede coat, it triggers a series of events that turn everything upside down.

Baby, It’s You is a story about friendship, romance, and loyalty. It’s also a little about daggy pop songs. Mostly though, it’s about change.