Fight For Your Right…Aries Full Moon

Illustration of aries astrological sign as a beautiful girl

I wrote last years Aries Full Moon and Lunar eclipse post from an extremely cool hotel room in Wellington, New Zealand. I was on a mini-break with Astrosparkles and we had plans to watch the eclipse from the highest point in Wellington. Sadly, the weather put a dampener (pun intended) on that.

Anyways, at that eclipse the south node of the Moon was falling exactly on my natal Venus at 19 Aries. Of course, I hadn’t noticed it. Of course, she suggested that perhaps I should. You can read that post here.

Nothing happened then…well, not in the happening with a capital h sense, anyway. That point, 19 Aries, has proven to be important. As recently as this week, as Uranus was conjunct this point, Venus was trine it.

Nothing Happened (in the capital H sense of the word), but stuff of a Uranus-Venus nature is happening. The Venus trine the other day was, I suspect, a trigger. I suspect it was also the culmination of the lunar themes of last years eclipse.

Mondays lunar eclipse starts a different cycle. This one falls conjunct my Saturn- within a couple of degrees. It occurs when Saturn is trine natal Saturn (to the degree, and very almost to the minute) and when Saturn is sextile the north node…and trine the south. Oh, and (importantly for me) Uranus is still at 19 Aries.

This- the nodal aspect- is an interesting one to look at, and worth talking about. There are opportunities to move forward into destiny, karmic sort of territory, but moving back into the safe bounds of what you know and what has been before, is also an easy option to take.

I know from my Moonshadow report (if you want your own Moonshadow report, you can order it via the linky thing on the sidebar), that eclipses in aspect to Saturn indicate crises of responsibility. It’s about reality, career and vocation, boundaries and self-sufficiency. It’s about creating your own reality and accepting responsibility for your part in your current situation- whatever it is that is. It’s easy to blame others, or to fall back into victim mentality. The report goes on to say that for these reasons, eclipses involving Saturn often correspond with frustrating work situations and struggles with management, boundaries and self-doubt.

I get that.

It reminds me of a great article I read this morning by Jessica from Moonkiss’d. She talked about how if you fall into a pothole once, that’s an accident. That if you fall into it again, you might blame someone else, but if you fall into it a third time, well, aside from being slow to learn your lesson, you only have yourself to blame.

My eclipse event occurred yesterday- you don’t need the details. Suffice to say, I’m in the mood to fight for something I believe in at the moment- to fight for someone and with someone I believe in, for a cause that has fairness, balance and justice written all over it.

Aries Moons tend to bring out the warrior in you- the question is always, though, whether what you’re fighting for, deserves to be fought for. And that’s where the cooler, calmer, rationality of the Sun in Libra comes into it.

Wherever 4 Aries 40’ falls in your chart is where you might be facing these issues- where your inner warrior is donning her camo gear.

Doing it for yourself…

By now you should know the drill. If not, check out this post as a refresher.

You’re looking for 4 Aries 40’. The symbol for Aries is below.


Normally, I’d use an orb of 2 degrees (more for aspects to Sun and Moon), but this is an eclipse, so let’s take it a little wider- out to 4 degrees.

  • Any planet within 4 degrees either side of the Full Moon in the same sign as the Full Moon is conjunct the Full Moon, ie between 0-8 Aries.
  • Any planet within 4 degrees (either side) in the sign opposite the Full Moon is in opposition to the Full Moon, ie between 0-8 Libra.
  • Any planet within 4 degrees (either side) 3 signs around from the Full Moon, and in the same modality to the Full Moon is square to the Full Moon, ie between 0-8 Cancer or Capricorn.
  • Any planet within 4 degrees (either side) 4 signs around from the Full Moon, in the same element as the Full Moon is trine the Full Moon, ie between 0-8 Leo or Sagittarius.
  • Any planet within 4 degrees (either side) 2 signs around from the Full Moon, in the same polarity as the Full Moon is sextile the Full Moon, ie between 0-8 Aquarius or Gemini.

The lunar eclipse is exact-ish Monday 12.50pm in Australia, Monday 3.50am BST, Sunday 7.50pm PDT, 10:50pm EDT…or thereabouts.