Express Yourself: New Moon in Leo


I was talking to a friend today while I was out walking. Whenever I can, I like to do that- walk, that is- over my lunch break. Especially on days like today when I’d run from meeting to meeting. I think I had seven- all on completely unrelated topics- each running into the next. By lunchtime my brain was mush.

Anyways, my partner in crime and walking wasn’t in, so I rang my friend instead. After covering the usual topics- travel, work, travel, food, Bali, travel, gossip, travel, diet, food- we got to talking about age- well, we got to talking about my age.

‘You know, I’m not as worried about turning 50 as I was about turning 40,’ I said. I think she was a little skeptical- she was around when I turned 40. There was nothing moderate about that. Besides, it’s years and years…before I turn 50…almost 2…

‘That’s because you’re a completely different person to who you were at 40,’ she said.

‘Yeah, 10kgs different.’ Actually, that was a lie, I’m actually 17kgs heavier now than I was at 40- mainly because I’d done this mad over exercising thing and dropped about 10kgs before that particular milestone.

‘No,’ she said, ‘you’re a different person. You’ve grown into yourself.’

It’s true. I have…or I am…I’m much more secure in my personal and creative identity than I was 8 years ago.

If you’ve been following along with Tuesday Toolbox, you’ll recognize a couple of the words that I just used with the sign Leo…identity security. Each of the Fire signs is associated with the concept of identity…and every fixed sign is associated with the concept of security.

The thing is, we’re all a work in progress as we go about creating the version of ourselves that we want to create. This is at the heart of Leo. Yet doing this, expressing this- our talents, passions, voice- all require you to take risks…all require a great big, brave heart.

In the body, Leo rules the heart- both physically and energetically. In nature, Leo is the King. In the Wizard of Oz, he was looking for courage. But above all, he wants to feel proud. Not necessarily flamboyant, but just proud.

The Leo New Moon is, therefore, the most creative of new starts. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is about ego, self-expression, creativity. Given the Sun’s propensity to send out its’ warmth, Leo is also arguably the most generous sign. Leo is the Sun and the Sun is the hero.

With Leo, though, the fear of potential exposure of someone standing up and pointing the finger and exposing you as a fraud is ever present. Wherever Leo is in your chart is where this matters. This is where it’s extra hard to risk a no to get a yes. Your challenge is to find heart, strength and courage without losing yourself in the process. The key here is not to lose sight of the fun, to play with things- especially the stuff that makes your heart sing.

Check out where this falls in your chart. It is that part of life where you are being asked to look for courage and strength, but above all self-expression, generosity and creativity. It is where you are being asked to follow your heart and be who you are, not who you should be. There is a difference.

Think about this. Think about the things and people you have fun with. Have you forgotten how to play? When setting your intentions for this New Moon, consider these questions and set yourself a challenge- to do something fun, to play a little (or a lot)…because you want to…because you’re worth it.

Doing it for yourself…

By now you should know how to personalize this. If not, duck over to this post for a refresher.

As a refresher, for your New Moon story:

  • Look at where 21 Leo 30’ is in your chart. The symbol is here.
  • Look for planets or chart points lying between 19-23(ish) of Leo, Taurus Scorpio or Aquarius. The New Moon will be conjunct, square or opposite these.
  • Look for planets of chart points lying between 19-23 (ish) of Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra. The New Moon will be trine or sextile these.