Every Street’s a Catwalk… Venus in Libra


Venus in Libra

‘You’re swearing a lot lately,’ said Mr T.

I shrugged. Whatever. I admit it- I do have a potty mouth. I know I was brought up better than that and I know it’s not ladylike- but I’ve never pretended to be a lady. Having said that, I pick my audience and descend into the gutter only when I can get away with it. The rest of the time I can fake a pretty convincing professional exterior.

‘But it was nice that you dressed up last night,’ he said.

Mr T has Venus in Libra and, along with all the other wonderful Venus in Libra traits he has, one is that men with this placement tend to like their partners to be quite Venusian, quite Libran in manner and maintenance:

  • The sort of woman who won’t scream obscenities at the football, or
  • Who won’t yell at the plonker who took her parking space, or
  • Who won’t stand with her hands on her hips and chin stuck out and argue until a resolution is reached- even when avoidance of conflict would mean a more peaceful existence.
  • The sort of woman who always looks well put together and makes an effort with her appearance, and keeps her maintenance appointments.

Boy, did he luck out!

With Venus in Aries, I am the absolute opposite to his textbook ideal woman, yet somehow he’s managed to put up with me and my occasional deviations into fishwife territory, my peeling nail polish, frizzy hair, track pants and ugg boots (or flip flops- depending on the season), for over 26 years.

In any case, the concept of “ideal” is over rated. Besides, with his Mars in Scorpio and Moon in Gemini, I suspect he’d be bored witless with “ideal”- as would I.

Venus in Libra is at her most beautiful, most charming, most diplomatic and most social.  In Libra, where she has rulership, she is like the fashion plate in the glossy magazine, just a little aloof, intriguing, totally alluring and untouchable…yet with style by the truckload.

Social acceptability and reputation and appearance are important. Quite conventional when it comes to roles within relationships, Venus in Libra values the commitment made in a partnership. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Saturn is exalted in Libra- tradition and structure matters a great deal.

Venus in Libra likes to look the part. Things have to look good on the surface. And women with Venus in Libra often look very good- the archetype of cool, well (and appropriately, dressed) femininity.

While she might have a love of high fashion, she tends towards a quiet, expensive yet timeless quality, rather than flashing brand logos on every available surface.

She also likes her partner to look the part. Usually attracted to partners who tick all the boxes, she likes someone who will please her, be nice to her, admire her and complete her. She is looking for her “other half”. In partnership this is truly a scenario when 1 + 1 equals more than 2.

Venus in Libra likes to bring people together- whether it is for romantic, business, political or networking purposes. Witty, tactful and clear-headed, she has the ability to make others feel special. She truly wants to make those around her feel good, and comfortable, and…nice. Venus in Libra creates a beautiful and peaceful home environment.

With her motivation being partnership, balance, harmony and equity, she has a flair for diplomacy that may extend to a talent for languages and policy making. In the workplace Venus in Libra has the ability to make the sale before handing over to someone else to deal with the fine print. This placement is at its best when collaborating with someone else- if you have Venus in Libra, don’t even think about going it alone!

Venus in Libra also has the ability to have others do her dirty work for her so that whatever decision has been made, she will come out smelling of roses- without a hair or a fingernail out of place.

She dislikes arrogance, rudeness, bad manners and is turned off by “ist” people, ie anyone who is racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, or who display any other type of intolerance. She will stand up against injustice and inequality, and will actively look for the balance and compromise in opposing views. It is this which gives her the reputation of being indecisive- yet often she is just examining all the available information before making a judgment.

If you are a Libra woman, or have Venus in the 7th house, you could find yourself nodding at this. Venus in Libra and you’re shaking your head? Check out what planets Venus is aspecting that could alter your behavior- or your perspective…

And the title? From a Rogue Traders song, Fashion.