Eclipses, Magic 8 Balls and Domestic Divadom

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My Scorpio hubby has Venus at 10 Libra (yes, I know he his Venus is currently being paid an extended visit from Saturn…but I haven’t told him that, so this is our little secret…) and his Moon at 9 Gemini. At 6.54pm on Friday evening (Sydney time) the Sun and the Moon will be joined at 9 Cancer 12…there will also be a solar eclipse happening…and these planets of his will be directly impacted.

I just mentioned this in passing while we were sharing a beer while he was preparing dinner tonight (which, I would like to point out, I had already done the decisioning and hunter gathering- he just had to finish the job and execute my vision).

‘So Darlin’,’ he says, ‘what does that mean?’

‘Well, it’s an eclipse, so it usually means something, but because it’s an eclipse, it’s not like I can predict exactly what it will be.’

‘Well, pretend I’m reading your blog {he never does} and explain it to me…’

Here goes…

Eclipses in aspect to Venus always have something to do with relationship and values or your relationship to what you value or even how you are valued in relationship. (At this point, he reminded me that I am about to hightail it off to Brisbane for a week for work, leaving him with work, domestic duties and Five Foot Something on School Holidays…point taken…).

Eclipses in aspect to the Moon are always about your defences and emotional security- the whole breakdown and breakthrough theory. You know the thing- your walls come down in some way so that you can get closer in another. This comment prompted a heap of other questions- he does have the Moon in Gemini, after all…

When the eclipse aspects Jupiter, the theme is one of faith and growth- when you need to grow and need to dream and need to take risks in order to do so. Likewise any aspecting the Sun will rise issues of ego and self expression.

In short, the eclipse takes on the theme of the planet being aspected, so think about keywords associated with those planets. The houses receiving the eclipse will give you an understanding of the area of life being affected.

As to the nature of the eclipse? Good news or bad? Not so easy to predict…in fact damn near impossible. Eclipses are wild cards, the jokers in the pack, and all astrologers have eclipse war stories. As Bernadette Brady writes in The Eagle and the Lark, “armed with (this) information, astrologers then delineate the effect of the eclipse as some type of random, possibly, but not necessarily stressful, event occurring in a particular area of the clients life.”

Sometimes the stress seems like extraordinary busyness, sometimes chaos comes out of the blue, sometimes it is good news from nowhere and sometimes it seems like a whole lot of not much at all.

The aspect can give an indication of the speed of “ease” with which the impact occurs…and when I say “ease”, I don’t mean “nice”, I mean, instead, speed or relative speed.

Trines are the path of least resistance- regardless as to whether the event is good or bad, obstacles are removed and it happens quickly.

Square (90degrees) is tension and frustration where action is forced, whilst the opposition (180degrees) usually involves someone doing something to you. In the case of a conjunction (0degrees), the energy is fused and strong. The inconjunct (150degrees) usually is an ending of something before you are ready for it to end, whilst a sextile (60degrees) represents an opportunity of some type. (With thanks to Bernadette Brady’s book for the paraphrasing above).

During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out the Sun for just a few short, dramatic moments. During a solar eclipse, you may feel like something is about to happen…and it very often does. At a solar eclipse things happen around you or to you that have the ability to change the course of your life- although you may not recognise it as such at the time.

As to orbs? I’m of the closer is better school and work on no more than 2 degrees either way, possibly up to 4 degrees for aspects to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven…but that is just me.

So check out where Cancer is in your chart- this is where the eclipse is falling. You can refer to the “Basics” tab at the top of the page for house descriptions or even my Cancer through the signs Pt 1 and 2.

In short, if:

Your rising sign is Aries, Cancer rules your 4th house

Your rising sign is Taurus, Cancer rules your 3rd house

Your rising sign is Gemini, Cancer rules your 2nd house

Your rising sign is Cancer, Cancer rules your 1st house

Your rising sign is Leo, Cancer rules your 12th house

Your rising sign is Virgo, Cancer rules your 11th house

Your rising sign is Libra, Cancer rules your 10th house

Your rising sign is Scorpio, Cancer rules your 9th house

Your rising sign is Sagittarius, Cancer rules your 8th house

Your rising sign is Capricorn, Cancer rules your 7th house

Your rising sign is Aquarius, Cancer rules your 6th house

Your rising sign is Pisces, Cancer rules your 5th house

…with some exceptions for intercepted houses, but if you know about stuff like intercepted houses, you don’t need me to tell you where Cancer is in your chart!

Now have a look for any planets at or around:

  • 7-11 Cancer- congratulations, you have a conjunction
  • 7-11 Capricorn- yours is an opposition
  • 7-11 Libra, Aries- square aspect
  • 7-11 Pisces, Scorpio- trine
  • 7-11 Virgo, Taurus- sextile
  • 7-11 Aquarius, Sagittarius- inconjunct

Check out what each of these planets or points means…and then grab the magic 8 ball…ooops did that come out loud?

So, what did I tell my husband to watch out for? Difficult, tired and cranky women who are going to Brisbane and leaving him for a week with a lurgy infected and bored teenage daughter. Then I very nicely complimented him on executing my dinner vision so well! I’m such a Domestic Diva…

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