Door Handles and Home Sweet Home- Jupiter Transits of the 4th House

Patsy in New York (
Patsy in New York (

There is this episode of Absolutely Fabulous where Patsy and Eddy go to New York hop on the Concord and fly to New York for a shopping trip. This isn’t just any shopping trip, Eddy is after a door handle that she saw in a magazine in the waiting room at (I think) the dentists.

In the previous episode Patsy burned the kitchen down. We see a completely burned out kitchen and Pats slumped on the table passed out with the cigarette still in her mouth. So Eddy needs a new kitchen and the door handle is the key piece of the design of her new kitchen. In fact, it the only design piece for her new kitchen. She wants the kitchen to look like the door handle.

I actually don’t see anything wrong with this concept. The main hallway, family room TV room in our house has a colour scheme that was entirely dictated by the centre of the daisy in a Garry McEwan print I bought in Melbourne. Our bedroom is based on an antique china plate I saw once and the lounge/dining on a scrap of William Morris wallpaper. I completely redecorated my study when I bought another Garry print. My daughter is no better- her vision for when we did her bedroom a couple of years ago was based on a T shirt with a frangipani on it that we bought on holidays somewhere.

I went mad with the paint brush when Jupiter last transited my 4th house… and that is just one of the things that 4th house transits are great for. But then again, I have Gemini on the cusp of my 4th house, so change in the home environment is something that helps me feel secure… along with lots of books and lots of music files.

Whatever sign your 4th house falls under, when Jupiter transits you will be looking closely at home and the stability, security (or otherwise) that you get (or don’t get) from your domestic set-up or family.

The 4th house is at the very bottom point of your chart and signifies things that are at the very root of your being- where you came from and the end of matters. It is also about the home and real estate- the 4th is where we buy, sell and improve real estate. To traditional astrologers, the 4th represents the father, to many modern astrologers it is family in general and, by extension, family relationships. The Cancer stuff of life- protection, safety and nurturing.

Jupiter likes to expand and offer opportunities to make things bigger- but as we have seen, bigger isn’t always better and size really doesn’t matter.

When Jupiter transits your 4th house you may, like me, go on a manic home improvement phase, or you may decide your home is too small and look for something bigger. Whilst comfort and the security of your family may be of increased comfort right now, any unresolved issues may be blown out of all proportions. Your family may grow- either literally or figuratively eg you may have children, more people living with you or become closer to people who provide you with the feeling of family.

You may want to move, or you may not want to step outside the front door. An chance may present itself to make money (in some way) from real estate- depending on your natal Jupiter and level of risk you are comfortable with you may choose to take it or you may choose to leave it. Jupiter doesn’t really care. Nor does he care if you over extend yourself financially in the process with all the flow on effects on relationships- his job is just to provide the opportunities.

The 4th house also represents the basic foundations in our lives- what makes you content and stable on a psychological level. You may become interested in family history or traditions, perhaps creating some of your own. You may focus on long term security or you may “up-root” and start again.

It is worth remembering that any 4th house Jupiter transit will form challenging aspects to the other angles in your chart, ie the 1st, 7th and 10th houses. Perhaps a need to be with the family will prompt you to look closely at issues of work/life balance- it may even mean that your job changes because of things happening at the domestic level. Whenever changes happen in the home, they have flow on effects to relationships, possibly your health (moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do) and maybe even your personal freedoms.

Maybe you just have the urge to fly to New York in search of the perfect door handle. Now there’s an idea…

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