Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Jupiter is stationary and will be retrograde by late Thursday (Sydney time) until the end of January 2013. Heavy sighs from this fishie.

Jupiter is generally so optimistic, exuberant and dream/ ideal/ future driven. Nobody can keep up this pace forever, so when he turns retrograde, he does so for a few months at a time. And when Jupiter turns retrograde, the expansion… stops. Just like that.

When I say expansion stops, that’s actually not strictly correct…it turns inward. Given that Jupiters natural direction is to push out, the retrograde is not at all comfortable.

Good if you are planning a diet but not so great if you are in the middle of a project. Things that seemed to be sure may just stop. Physical energy may just dry up- especially if, like me, Jupiter rules your first house. Optimism and faith may falter. It can be like having a great big Jupiter 12th house transit…and for more on that one, check out Watch Me Come Undone.

This is especially true if Jupiter is strong in your chart- as it is in mine. Not only does Jupiter rule my Ascendant (ie Chart Ruler), he also rules my 10th house (career zone) and touches pretty well every other planet in my chart.

Generally speaking, in my case, my wings tend to be clipped and if I am going to feel less than exuberant (in mood or in health), now is the time.

This particular retrograde coincides with me going back to work (part time) for someone else after nearly a year of relative corporate freedom. Whilst my personal career goals are having the brakes applied (at least for now), boundaries are being put back in place, which for me isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve put on a shitload of weight over the last 9 months so some external structure is absolutely necessary. I’m also starting to have a few doubts.

Jupiter has a habit of removing those things from your life that you think you need, but actually are doing you no good at all. But with Jupiter, there is no maliciousness- anything you lose now, or anything that stops or falters now is simply not necessary to your growth and will usually be for the best.

In my case, whilst I love the freedom I’ve had over the last 9 months, it’s not doing me a whole lot of good- I haven’t used it as wisely as I perhaps should’ve.

And that’s how we should look at Jupiter retrograde. It’s a chance to slow down, a chance to renew your faith, a chance to make sure that things are right before they’re pushed out into the world. Once Jupiter turns direct you will need to take a leap into the unknown, so faith is important.

For me, this has come at the right time. My book is now ready to send out into the world, or at least to go in search of a publisher- this was the goal that I had to reach before going back to paid work.

The retrograde though, is asking me to look carefully at it- is it as polished as it can be? Do I need to develop a marketing plan for potential publishers? How can I present it as professionally as I need to?

Jupiter also represents integrity and honesty, so the retrograde period is a great time to look objectively and realistically at what you are doing. Are you really investing enough of yourself in what is important? What do you do out of fear or because it is expected of you? How do these actions impinge on your real life goals and where you are meant to be? Have you stopped believing? Are you dwelling too much on coulda woulda shoulda?

This retrograde will have Jupiter back-tracking 10 degrees back to 6 Gemini. The key points of this transit are at the station points ie 16 Gemini and 6 Gemini, so if you have planets or chart points here, check out what else may be raised as the station will magnify the impact of any natal patterns already in you chart. The affairs of the house Jupiter is transiting and, in particular stationing, is exaggerated.

Look also at the houses that Jupiter rules in your chart- those houses with either Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp- these areas of your life will feel the Jupiter influence the most.

For me this retrograde will cross back across the 4th house cusp and into the 3rd. Getting the house and the words in order sounds about right for me. I have some painting and DIY patching planned. I also have some extensive editing to do.

Oh, and another warning. During the retrograde period, everything should come with a “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” proviso- what is promised during this period may never actually happen. So that sure thing may not be quite as sure as you think it is. Depending on what it is, that can be good or bad!

So, what to do? Look inward and be honest with yourself. Now is not the time to embark on any activity that requires material expansion- unless it is a new charity or spiritual retreat or something that is of a higher purpose, so to speak. Whatever you do this Jupiter retrograde- don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…it’ll soon be here and it will be better than before, so don’t you look back!

If you wake up and don’t want to smile,
If it takes just a little while,
Open your eyes and look at the day,
You’ll see things in a different way.

Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here,
It’ll be, better than before,
Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.

Don’t you look back,
Don’t you look back.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, by Fleetwood Mac

Check out Dare to Dream for general information regarding Jupiter transits.