Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow…


Jupiter Retrograde

Just before Jupiter turned direct earlier this year, I read a story in MindFood magazine about adventurer Jamie Fitzgerald.

Jamie and Kevin Biggar were in this 5000km transatlantic rowing race in 2003 (I know, the “why” question occurred to me too…) when they got caught in a storm.

This was one of those storms with massive waves and head winds, so they had just 2 choices- drop anchor and conserve energy or keep rowing. Given that this was, after all, a rowing race, they decided to keep rowing.

For 42 hours they made painfully slow progress- just half a kilometre. Completely disheartened, once the storm had passed, they called their support team on one of those cool satellite phones and discovered that everyone else had dropped anchor and had drifted backwards. As a result, despite covering just 500m, Fitzgerald and Biggar were about 48kms in front.

I have no idea regarding his birth details, and it doesn’t really matter- my point is around retrogrades- Jupiter retrograde in specific…

But what does a rowing race have to do with Jupiter?

Easy- during the retrogrades, we often stop. Forward motion is frustratingly snail paced- very often there is no forward motion. During a Jupiter retrograde, very often what is promised is never delivered- you get close, but don’t quite grab the prize. So we drop anchor until the waters are calmer, the storm has passed and the astro weather conditions are more conducive to success.

The thing is, when we do this, we are behind everyone else once the weather changes and the planet turns direct.

Jupiter will be turning retrograde in just a few days. At 20 Cancer 30,’ he’s effectively he’s at the station position now. For the record, the station point is 20 Cancer 31.’

When Jupiter is at station, the affairs of the house he is transiting are intensified. When Jupiter stations at, or in aspect to, a personal planet or chart point, the affairs of that point are expanded. This is also the case if that station point triggers or sets off a natal aspect. Stationing Jupiter will intensify what is already promised in the natal chart*.

The bad news is, if you have difficulties with that aspect, you will find the few days of the station more difficult. If, however, the aspect is an “easy” one, you may find the period of the station to be very fortunate.

In my case, the station point is 1 minute of orb from exacting a trine to my Sun (at 20 Pisces 32’), and exactly a degree past the square with Venus. This point activates a natal kite, plus a natal square to Venus. 20 Cancer is also just a few degrees shy of my natal Jupiter- I’m this close to a Jupiter return.

Last year Jupiter stationed retrograde at 16 Gemini 23’- my Ascendant is 16 Pisces 29’. Earlier this year he stationed direct at 6 Gemini 20’- my natal Mercury is at 6 Pisces 18’. That’s an awful lot of almost there’s…and that’s exactly how it’s felt- that I’m almost there. There are very few coincidences when it comes to astrology- over the last few years I’ve learned to not just look at these as isolated incidences, but rather how they fit into the bigger picture…the story of my life.

Jupiter is known as the Great Benefic. Often labelled as the “lucky planet”, Jupiter makes things bigger. This is great if you have really good things happening- they happen even more easily, but isn’t so good if there are problems on the horizon. This also isn’t so good if he is transiting across your Ascendant (literally speaking, your physical body often gets bigger…).  Check out Dare to Dream for more of Jupiter transits.

Jupiter is generally so optimistic, exuberant and dream/ ideal/ future driven. Nobody can keep up this pace forever, so when he turns retrograde, he does so for a few months at a time. And when Jupiter turns retrograde, the expansion… stops. Just like that. Good if you are planning a diet but not so great if you are in the middle of a project. Things that seemed to be sure may just stop. Physical energy may just dry up. Optimism and faith may falter.

This is especially true if Jupiter is strong in your chart. Generally speaking, in my case, my wings tend to be clipped and if I am going to feel less than exuberant (in mood or in health), now is the time.

So, who is impacted? Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces (as traditional ruler). You may be regarded as strongly Jupiterian if:

  • you have your Ascendant, Sun or Moon Pisces or Sagittarius
  • If Jupiter is in close aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven (especially conjunction, square or opposition)
  • If you have a number of planets in the 9th house.

Look also at the houses that Jupiter rules in your chart- those houses with either Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp- this area of your life will feel the Jupiter influence the most. For this particular retrograde you will also be impacted if you have planets at the stationing points ie 10 Cancer and 20 Cancer.

Jupiter also represents integrity and honesty, so the retrograde period is a great time to look objectively and realistically at what you are doing. Are you really investing enough of yourself in what is important? What do you do out of fear or because it is expected of you? How do these actions impinge on your real life goals and where you are meant to be? Have you stopped believing? Are you dwelling too much on coulda woulda shoulda? Are you hiding your light inside your shell, waiting for someone to notice it?

Jupiter has a habit of removing those things from your life that you think you need, but actually are doing you no good at all. But with Jupiter, there is no maliciousness- anything you lose now, or anything that stops now is simply not necessary to your growth and will usually be for the best.

And that’s how we should look at Jupiter retrograde. It’s a chance to slow down, a chance to renew your faith, a chance to make sure that things are right before they’re pushed out into the world. Once Jupiter turns direct you will need to take a leap into the unknown, so faith is important.

Oh, and another warning. During the retrograde period, everything should come with a “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” proviso- what is promised during this period may never actually happen. So that sure thing may not be quite as sure as you think it is. Depending on what it is, that outcome mightn’t be as disadvantageous as it appears!

So, what to do? Look inward and be honest with yourself. Now is not the time to embark on any activity that requires material expansion- unless it is a new charity or spiritual retreat or something that is of a higher purpose, so to speak. Whatever you do this Jupiter retrograde- don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…it’ll soon be here and it will be better than before, so don’t you look back!

*When looking at this in your own chart, use a super tight orb- no more than a degree…

Jupiter will be retrograde until March 2014, turning direct at 10 Cancer.