Does My Bum Look Fat in These Jeans?

Mercury in Virgo August 3- 25

I have the absolute worst possible Mercury in history. And, given that Mercury is about how you communicate, the way in which you process information, and how you think, it is actually a miracle that I can even string 2 words together, let alone be able to sell coal to Newcastle when I have had a few bevies.

Why is my Mercury so bad? My Mercury is in Pisces where it is traditionally in the sign of both its detriment and fall. Mercury has difficulty expressing itself in mutable, watery, no boundaries Pisces. Also, my Mercury is in the 12th house, the house of self undoing, the place where you lock your deepest and darkest secrets away. Suffice to say, few planets operate well from the 12th house. Finally, my Mercury is retrograde natally, which means that it appears to be going backwards. The good part of that one is that I tend to feel retrogrades less than people who have Mercury in a stronger position to mine…. leading me nicely into Virgo.

If you have Mercury in Virgo, your Mercury is very very different to mine- Mercury rules Virgo and is strong, smart and extremely sharp in this position. The only (and rather mean) comfort I take from this is that during Mercury retrograde periods, you are likely to be substantially more affected than I am.

But that is probably the only comfort I can take. Where Mercury in Pisces is about the “big picture”, Mercury in Virgo concentrates on the details- every single little detail. In fact, nothing is below the notice of Mercury in Virgo, and every one of them will be analysed. Mercury in Virgo is the ultimate record keeper and statistician, forgetting nothing, and having a place for everything. This placement has a quick and brilliant mind (although sell themselves short), and the ability to make conversation on numerous subjects (but think they could be better).

Mercury in Virgo is critical, picky, and practical. Never ask if your bum looks fat in those jeans- this placement will tell you it does and what you need to do to make it better. Not because they want to be mean spirited, but because they truly believe that perfection can be attained. It is this idealism, and an awareness of how things are versus how they can be that drives this analytical placement.

But to those of us with a weaker Mercury and a more expansive arse, a little less analysis and a little more dishonesty would be nice!


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