DIY Jupiter Returns


Last night I had a Jupiter Return.

Woop woopidy do, I hear you say. So what, I hear you ask.

For me, it’s a big thing. Why? Because Jupiter is a big player in my chart.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of my chart, rules my career zone, and touches most of the other planets in there.

What Jupiter does is important.

Jupiter cycles are long- 12 years. That’s long enough to signal the start of something new and important, but not so long as to require maturity and long range vision (Saturn- I’m looking at you…).

What happens when Jupiter conjuncts Jupiter, or returns to its natal position?

First you need to understand just what your Jupiter story is.

Jupiter represents expansion, opportunity, abundance. Whatever Jupiter touches is made bigger. Jupiter is about faith, pushing past your boundaries, taking risks and leaps, belief, and is also associated with luck and good fortune.

Naturally, you can over do these things…

Anyways, wherever Jupiter is in your chart is where you should seek to expand yourself, push yourself out there.

The most commonly held misconception about Jupiter returns is that they are always good and lucky. This is not the case- especially if your Jupiter is natally not that strong. Jupiter returns will still bring opportunities, it just might be more difficult to see what’s happened as an opportunity through what on the surface looks like plain bad luck or loss.

Nor does a Jupiter Return bring unexpected windfalls or pile amazing opportunities into your lap. This might very well happen, but only if you’ve put yourself out there and taken the risks in the first place.

People might come into your life who have the ability to help you push beyond your boundaries. Opportunities may come up to travel, to learn, to explore something new, some place new, a wider perspective, a new belief…but you have to be open to take those on board.

This is a time where abundance may be available, but only if you’re prepared to generously and fearlessly give of yourself and your talents as well.

The whole point of making the most of a Jupiter Return is about being clear about what it is that you wish for and directing your energy (and yourself) outward towards that. It’s not about sitting back and waiting to be discovered.

If you do this, put yourself out there whole-heartedly, enrol in that course, book that trip, contact that publisher, step outside your comfort zone, a Jupiter Return can be a little like the opening of a cosmic door. If you don’t, that’s ok too. As and example, even the best aspected Jupiter returns won’t deliver world travel if you don’t have a passport or don’t leave the house.

The thing is, the Jupiter Return in itself is a point in time transit- like any other point in time transits. The Jupiter Return chart, however, will set the theme for all things Jupiter for the next 12 years.

Having said all that, how do you read a Jupiter Return? In much the same way as you read any Return chart. Before you start, know the basics:

  • What house is Jupiter in natally. What does this say about how you expand and where you seek to push past your limits?
  • What houses does Jupiter rule natally? Look for those with Pisces and Sagittarius on the cusp. These are areas of life that will be touched by Jupiter.
  • What aspects does Jupiter make to other planets in your chart. This will tell you how easily (or otherwise) Jupiter’s energy is able to be used. Remember- don’t look at the squares and do the whole woe is me, this is why I’m always so unlucky thing. When Jupiter is involved in a square, a little willpower and self- restraint will produce a large result. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.
  • Remember that Jupiter can only deliver to the potential in your chart, so unless miracles are promised, don’t be disheartened if they don’t arrive.
  • Whenever Jupiter is involved, be careful what you wish for.
  • Return charts are similar to transit charts- they are temporary and will apply only for the period of the return
  • If your return occurs during the shadow period, you will have three returns. Each return will last until the next. The last will apply for the following 12 years.
  • The chart can be relocated ie cast at the place where you are at the time of that return rather than the birth place. In my case, I’m a boring sod and live in the city where I was born.
  • the Return Chart should be read in conjunction with the natal chart.

Ok, without further ado, here’s my Jupiter Return (JR) chart.


What Sign is on the Ascendant?

Pisces. The sign that’s on my natal Ascendant. What is super doper important about 23 Pisces, is that this is where the Arabic Part of Spirit is in my natal chart.

What is that? I’ll talk more about Arabic parts later (maybe), but it has to do with:

  • the nature of the will
  • what you intend (as opposed to what happens to you)
  • your career as a statement of who you are in the world

I wouldn’t normally look for it, but falling exactly on the Ascendant of a Return chart- especially a Return Chart of the planet ruling that part, means that this will be an important period.

What natal house is being brought to the Ascendant?

The first. Me, me, me, me, me.

The Ruler of the Ascendant?


The House of Jupiter in the Return Chart

The 4th house- just. This makes sense as the direction that I want to expand in will result in busyness etc around the home.

Aspects to Jupiter in the Return Chart

In the Return chart, Jupiter squares the nodes. This also makes sense as the natal nodes are active in my chart at present. Essentially this is a straight forward one to interpret- going forward will require challenge, falling back into old habits will result in frustration. My call.

Other stuff

Speaking of which, the Moon needs to be looked at- this shows where the heart is in relation to Jupiter issues…it’s in the 2nd and conjunct my natal Venus. Emotionally my focus is around self resourcing. With the Moon sitting so close to the South Node, it’s going to be easy & comforting for me to fall into my usual patterns of quick gratification and solo pursuits when the way forward requires more (gulp) balance and moderation.

Check out any planets at the degree of the natal nodes- this always indicates something quite karmic.

Lastly, take a look at any planets at critical degrees ie at 0 or 29. In this chart, the Sun is at 0 Cancer. Yep, my Return happened at the Solstice. In my book, that’s also a Big Thing.

Obviously, this is a quick look/ interpretation designed just to give you an idea. This is the way that I do it- although other astrologers may have different ideas…as always, the best method is the one that works for you.