DIY Capricorn Full Moon

Zodiac signs - Capricornus

Full Moons illuminate whatever area of life they fall on in your chart. Essentially it gives you nowhere to hide…or to keep things hidden. If it happens to aspect a planet (especially by conjunction, square or opposition- use an orb of no more than 2 degrees), that spotlight will shine even brighter- there is nowhere to hide.

I’m having difficulty writing about this one. I don’t know why. It could be because I’m still in pain, it could be because my baby girl has been away and I felt guilty about taking the day off to get her from the airport. Then I felt guilty because three years ago I vowed never ever to be in a position whereby I needed to feel guilty about something like that again. Then I got over myself and got back on with it.

There’s also fear attached with this one as the latest version of my chick lit manuscript is either currently in email traffic or sitting in an envelope beside my handbag waiting to be posted out today. My baby is leaving home with all of my hopes and dreams attached to it. This Full Moon falls in my 11th house, so that is as it should be.

The Capricorn Full Moon each year casts the spotlight firmly on work/life balance. We can take that further to look at other Capricorn words like ambition, goals, leadership, business, resolution and oppose them to other Cancer words- nutrition, care, emotional support.

This Full Moon is always about the axis between work and home. What has to give at home for career ambitions to be realized? What balance do you have between the public you and the private you? Have you put the same effort into both parts of your life, or does one eclipse the other? Speaking of which, have you put in the hard work in the areas that require that? How have you been prioritizing? Have you been serious about your vocation and what you want to achieve? Are their goals that you’ve fallen short on, goals you haven’t stretched yourself enough on, goals you’ve given up on, goals that aren’t really authentically you, goals that don’t make your heart sing?

At the New Moon, we step out like children, with a child’s enthusiasm, not knowing where the path will lead us. At the Full Moon, however, whatever was set at the New Moon has been tested, and the way is now lit- not clear, but lit. This cycle, the one that is now under light, was started at the Capricorn New Moon, so pull your journals out and look at what intentions you set back then. Given that Uranus is involved in a challenging square aspect, have a look to see whether you’ve pushed yourself hard enough, or whether those goals you set leave you safe within your comfort zone…all the while remembering that pushing yourself is not the same thing as being hard on yourself.


How to interpret what this Full Moon means for you?

Check out where the Full Moon falls in your chart

  • This Full Moon is at 20 Capricorn (or thereabouts), so pull out your birth-chart, and look for 20 Capricorn. The symbol is like the pic above(see the pic above)… Even if you have no planets in Capricorn, there is part of your life influenced by it.
  • If you need a refresher on getting your chart, go to this post.
  • What house is that in?
  • If you need a refresher on what each house means, go to this post.

Does the Full Moon make any aspects to planets or points in your chart?

  • If you have planets at 18-22 degrees of Capricorn, they will be conjunct the Full Moon
  • If you have planets at 18-22 Cancer, they will be opposite the Full Moon
  • If you have planets at 18-22 Aries or Libra, they will be square the Full Moon
  • If you have planets at 18-22 Virgo or Taurus, they will be trine the Full Moon
  • If you have planets at 18-22 Pisces or Scorpio, they will be sextile the Full Moon
  • Don’t forget to include chart points as well (ie house cusps- especially the 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th).

What is the nature of the aspect

What is the nature of the aspect? This will tell you whether the transit will be “easy” or “hard”- and that doesn’t mean “good” or “bad.”

  • When the Moon is conjunct a planet or chart point, her energy is fused with that planet. She takes over that planet. Her energy is stronger than the planet she is invading.
  • When the Moon is opposing a planet or chart point, “someone or something “out there” is doing something to you and furthermore, it’s their fault.” A decision is necessary.
  • When the Moon is square a planet or chart point, there is tension and frustration- something happens which will force you “into a mode of action that you have not yet explored…results stimulate actions rather than decisions.”
  • When the Moon is trine a planet or chart point whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily. Obstacles will be removed. This doesn’t mean that it will be good or painless, just that whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily.
  • When the Moon is sextile a planet or chart point opportunities may arise.

The Theory

Don’t just say something like ‘OMG this is hitting my Venus.’ What does that mean? Absolutely nothing if you don’t know what Venus means in your chart- what she rules, how easily she expresses her energy. Nor does it mean anything if you don’t know what parts of life your Moon looks after.

  • What house is the Moon in natally? What house is the planet being transited by the Moon in natally? These areas will be where the transit starts to happen.
  • What house is Moon transiting? This is where the main action will be occurring.
  • What house/s is ruled by the Moon natally? What house is ruled natally by the planet being transited? This will be the house that has Cancer on the cusp of it. These are the areas of life that will be affected by the outcome of the transit.

Image-1 copy

DIY it…

This Capricorn Full Moon falls in my 11th house. Even keeping the orbs to 2 degrees, I have some interesting aspects.

So, if I was to DIY what this Moon means to me, it might look something like this…


  • Moon square Venus
  • Moon sextile Sun
  • Moon trine Uranus and Pluto

Taking it one step further, by hitting these points, the Full Moon will be activating:

  • the exact inconjunct I have between Venus and Pluto
  • the opposition between the Sun and Pluto/Uranus

It’s actually an important Full Moon for me personally.

Now I need to schedule 5 mins (or more) to sit quietly with it. I have my suspicions about what this one means, but the inclusion of Venus in the picture is something I missed at first.

Another thing I’m doing is looking back through my journal to see if there are any patterns I’ve missed- the more you do of these things, the more you’ll see the patterns and hear the messages.

Try it for yourself.