Dim Sum, things organised neatly & the Pisces Full Moon


We have talked about Virgos issues with house work on this blog a number of times recently. I have also made mention that Scorpio, and in particular the Scorpio Moon, is generally more concerned with the extreme nature of everything in its place.

A few years ago I had a Scorpio cleaner who insisted on re-grouping the ornaments which I had on the sideboard. Instead of disparate groupings in odd numbers (I don’t like even numbers of things), she would dust and then re-arrange them into neatly centred pairs. I would come home from work, curse and move it all back the way I like it, only to have the whole dance repeated the following fortnight.

Thankfully (or not) I think I married one of the few Scorpios who doesn’t feel the need to exert power and control over his environment to the level where any stray leaf is immediately swept away before it can even settle on the ground. I say thankfully because I do tend to live in semi chaos and he has long acknowledged that there isn’t a lot he can do about that save doing it himself. I say “or not” because our backyard is currently at the embarrassing stage, and fit only for a herd of small goats- and the less said about the state of the pool, the better.

In any case, I yesterday afternoon attempting to appease the Virgo Gods of my Pisces opposite by cleaning out my study, filing pieces of paper, opening a months worth of mail and paying bills. I have even sent off two birthday cards a week before the birthday. I have written up a shopping list for next week and planned evening meals (complete with calorie counts) for the next 4 days. I don’t expect it to last.

I even found this really cool site Things Organised Neatly which I offer up to afore-mentioned Virgo Gods in appeasement for another 12 months. And appeasement is necessary given that Mondays Full Moon (at 19Pisces 17) falls conjunct my Sun.

The Pisces Moon looks to escape into the dream world of the imagination. Virgo Sun looks to reality and practicalities and efficiency. Virgo Sun reminds us that there is a huge list of everyday things that have to be done…but under the Pisces Full Moon we ask whether it needs to be done now, or whether it can wait until after the Wallabies win.

Venus and Mars are doing a little dance in the signs of their respective fall. Venus isn’t comfortable in Virgo and Mars is as soggy as all hell in Cancer- which is possibly why when I nagged about the pool this morning, hubby made muffins- low-ish fat berry muffins at that.

In any case, a Venus/Mars kissy fest always adds a little extra spice and zing to proceedings. With the sextile aspect though, you will have to take advantage of it, perhaps say yes to some fun and no to the ironing…just saying…

Whatever happens, take it easy- where possible- be a little laid back, listen to your intuition and allow yourself to have fun. Whatever has to be done will still be there tomorrow if it doesn’t absolutely need to be done today…which is why I spent today at a cooking class learning how to make dim sum (chinese dumplings) instead of pulling out weeds. And more shockingly, we even deep fried some of them- little golden rugby balls containing a juicy porky, herby, mushroom filling- oh the horror of the calories…


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  1. Thank you for your interesting blogs like the organization site particulary. Desperately need order.

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