Diamonds are a girls best friend…


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A kiss on the hand can be quite continental and oh so romantic, but no matter how charming, it won’t pay the rent.

Any self respecting Venus in Taurus girl knows that as lovely as it is, romance fades, but diamonds don’t, and living in this material world, a girl needs to make sure that her future is beautifully and practically catered for. After all, men grow cold as girls grow old and we all lose our charms in the end…or rather as the years and Mr Gravity mean that our ends have to be stuffed into highly engineered hold everything in under lycra. But square cut or pear shape these rocks don’t lose their shape and diamonds are a girls best friend.

Aries will fight for love, Pisces will die for love, Gemini will talk about love, but Venus in Taurus really can’t be faffed with all the palaver.

Love is nice and all that, but it can take up so much energy. Venus in Taurus much prefers a strong, stable and committed relationship. Touch rather than talk, comfort rather than flames, security over drama.

Where Venus in Aries is about quick gratification, Venus in Taurus likes to take her time. Venus in Taurus is sensual rather than sexual and is generally a same partner girl- this is one placement that doesn’t (usually) get turned on by too much variety.

As practical as she is, Venus in Taurus likes to be wooed in the traditional meaning of the word. She loves long, expensive dinners that she can dress up for and linger over. Also earning good brownie points are lazy Sunday afternoon country picnics with rugs and scarves and proper crockery and utensils (leave the stubby holders and paper plates at home).

She values consistency and commitment and although slow to move, will do whatever is needed to hold onto her partner or her security- often she sees the two as being intertwined. She also knows how easy it is to get carried away by a pretty face who will drain her resources, rather than help her stock the pantry (or bank account) against future shortages.

In Taurus, Venus cares about her appearance more so than when she was in Aries. As Taurus rules the throat, scarves, pendants and necklaces are great accessories. Luxury is appreciated, but she isn’t flashy or blingy. She’ll wear a single great piece of jewellery rather than a mountain of fakes…and she is prepared to save up for it.

Venus in Taurus loves beautiful things- art, music, food and other gorgeous things. Whilst she is a lover of art, she doesn’t do alternative or artisan- if it isn’t going to look great on her walls or make some sort of statement of style or worth, she isn’t interested. Leave the debates over existentialism and whether that white space indicates a vacuum or simply a white space to Gemini.

Depending on other aspects, Venus in Taurus can be prone to over-accumulate (especially if in challenging aspects to Jupiter or the Moon) … just to be sure that she has enough and won’t run out. This can apply to food, to purchases, whatever. This tendency can also come out if she feels insecure- particularly in relationships. And what she has, she is reluctant to get rid of…just in case…

Venus in Taurus is the ultimate comfort eater/ shopper and will tend to those foods which good in the mouth, look great on the plate and smell wonderful- all the senses are engaged when she eats. She is particularly drawn to anything texturally luxuriant and sweet- chocolate, cream, cakes. Unfortunately Taurus tends to have a relatively slow metabolism and doesn’t (usually) enjoy exercise, so the smart Ms Taurus knows that such self-indulgence needs to be moderated where possible if she wants to continue to fit into her gorgeous clobber.

Mr Venus in Taurus loves the whole feminine archetype and tends to be attracted more to the image of romantic ruben-esque than wafer thin waif. He has an appetite and likes a woman with voluptuous curves in all the right places that he can take his time and enjoy. Mr Venus in Taurus likes a traditional, conservative woman, an earth mother. He doesn’t really want his partner to be too independent and likes to know that she will provide a stable platform for him.

The good news is that once he has committed, he rarely strays from home and won’t push you into the latest fad diet- heaven forbid- that could mean you putting him on one, and Mr Venus in Taurus likes his food too much to tolerate restrictions.

Mr Venus in Taurus doesn’t do complicated mind games- to him, if you say you are “fine”, he will take it at face value. He doesn’t like change, so suggestions to vary routines or stray from favourite restaurants will be greeted with suspicion. Unfortunately this also means that you may have problems getting him off the couch and away from the TV on weekends once the honeymoon period is over. At least you’ll know where he is.


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