Declaration of Intent

my filthy flipflops poolside. pic by me.
my filthy flipflops poolside. pic by me.

The other day, before the Moon moved into Sagittarius, I declared (in hindsight, possibly a little rashly) that I was not having any cocktails until Christmas (Bintang doesn’t count and is cheaper than a bottle of water back home) and that I was going to get my breakfast solely from the bar that served salads and cottage cheese and stuff.

Flash forward to last night and both resolutions have been broken. Trust me, you don’t need the details (a lychee martini was involved and I’m not counting the Singapore Sling because that was consumed actually sitting in the pool so therefore doesn’t fall into the cocktail class, but rather is classified as refreshment)…but I did venture into the gym yesterday afternoon and put TTM through the type of circuit that left us both dripping with sweat and that my 2nd favourite Aries male  (BMF) would be proud of. My mantra was “I earn my Singapore Sling/Margarita/Bintang one circuit at a time.”

In another rash declaration, this time over dinner, I declared to hubby that I think I might like to investigate a career as a travel writer. He very calmly commented ‘that sounds nice, darlin’, but I think there are a lot of people out there who want to do the same thing.’

‘OK, well, I might be a fitness instructor and do the travel writing on the side.’

‘Don’t you have to be fit to do that?’

‘Mere details.’

(Scorpio hubby has Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn exactly opposite my 5th house big dreaming Jupiter. I tell him he rains on my parade, he says I need to be brought down to earth every so often. We are, of course, both right.)

‘I thought you were going to finish your book?’ he answered, quite reasonably.

‘I have a Sagittarian mid-heaven, I shouldn’t confine myself to just one career path.’

The conversation was prompted by me receiving the final Deed of Release from the partition job and the sudden realisation that even though I am sitting here in the most beautiful resort I have ever stayed in, I am ostensibly unemployed when I get home- a little fact that I had been trying not to remember. And that calls for some compromise and planning and gratitude that hubby believes in me enough to give me some months to sort my head out. Although his assertion that he wants to come back next year and fly business class (financed by me) is perhaps a little too much Sag Moon to the head in nature :).

In the next day or so, we have the Capricorn New Moon (just after 5am on Christmas morning for Sydneysiders, on Christmas Eve for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere). Falling so close to the solstice, this one is important. This New Moon is the one where we get all those amazing the sky is the limit ideas that we spun at the Sagittarius New Moon and we throw them into a great big cement mixer with a big back of concrete and we give them structure and form and a solid footing. It is, perhaps, fitting that this one falls in my career zone, with a lovely supportive sextile across to Mars.

The New Moon, a couple of days before Christmas, asks you to set those New Years Resolutions early. Uranus squares the New Moon, so whatever those goals or resolutions are, you had better make damn sure that they are authentically you. Don’t say you want to lose 20 kgs if you don’t really want to do it, if secretly deep in the heart of you, you are happy being in your body. Don’t commit to a fitness routine that is someone else’s idea of what you should be doing. Block your ears to everyone who is telling you what choices you should be making and instead put some realistic goals around what is important to you.

Jupiter trines this New Moon, reinforcing this concept of faith and absolute honesty. He is currently stationed about to turn direct, so all of that wonderful Jupiterian how hard can it be energy that has been harnessed and directed inward for the last 6 months is about to be unleashed. Think big, but add some Saturnian realism, commitment and boundaries to your goals…that whole Saturn Jupiter concept of the harder you work, the luckier you are.

Think about where 3 Capricorn falls in your chart. What planets & points does it hit? Any important aspects? Now work your goals and resolutions around these. In my case the goals will be career orientated in nature, and, with natal Mars involved, require focused and sustained energy. The aspect (in my chart) is by sextile between water/earth signs so this is an opportunity that I will have to reach inwards to take.

And, before I forget, the last 3 signs in the All I Want For Xmas series…just in case you still have some last minute gifts to grab. Oh, and if this flakey connection doesn’t allow me to post tomorrow, wishing you and your families a very happy holiday season. Thanks so much for sharing this year with me.


A voucher to jump off something or out of a plane that is working perfectly well or to speed around a race track in something loud & fast. Think adrenaline, surfing safaris, the backpackers guide to partying your way around the Universe or perhaps just a slab of beer. Books are great, but even better electronically- fit easily into carry on baggage. Maybe a course, or something to take their mind beyond its’ usual boundaries. Sag is the ultimate accessories lover, so the sky really is the limit!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to slow down & check out the detail. I missed too many planes last year when I got the times wrong. More really doesn’t need to be more all the time, so I am going to try really hard to listen to what other people have to say- after all, they are entitled to an opinion as well as me…I suppose.


A physical goal would be nice. But whatever you buy, it must have a use…and a good quality, practical use. I have no interest in the latest or greatest gadget if something else will do the job perfectly well. Books are good, but the old fashioned kind on paper please- self improvement, biographies & stories about people over-coming hardship are especially appreciated.  When buying jewellery & accessories, keep them real, tasteful & high quality- no fake Rolexes will be tolerated.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to look seriously at my work/life balance. Even though I am most fulfilled when I do have a role, I know that happiness exists in climbing down off the ladder every so often. This year I am going to walk more and get in touch with the earth and my body. This year I am going to make at least one goal that is not professionally based. This year I am going to be nicer to me and will not beat myself up if I haven’t achieved my goals as quickly as I think I should have.


An upgrade to whatever is the latest server/router/application/gadget I use. World peace. A solution to global warming. A stop to deforestation of everywhere. A complete halt to whaling. Full & real freedom of the press. Failing that, jewellery or accessories made by a local artisan or market stall, music from a currently non commercial band or fashion from that designer that is yet to be discovered. Make it quirky, make it so now it is tomorrow already.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Next year I am going to allow myself to think about me. My issues & concerns are as of much value as those impacting other people. Sure I can’t do the Leo Diva, but every so often I will allow myself to attach to something or someone that is mine & for me.

legian beach sunset. pic by me.
legian beach sunset. pic by me.