Daydream Believer

Melbourne Street Art. Pic by me.
Melbourne Street Art. Pic by me.

Mercury moves into Virgo in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Sydney time) and almost immediately moves to oppose Neptune.

This in itself would be worthy of a 2 line mention on a Daily Planets edition of this blog as Mercury moves fast enough that the transit in itself would last a day- two at the max.

Except for one very teeny weeny hugely important fact. Mercury is retrograde in the next few days, so is already moving super slowly as he gets ready to station retrograde…that’s right, opposite Neptune. This means that what would usually be a single day transit will actually be in orb for the best part of a week.

We all know about retrogrades (if you don’t check out the Rx tab on the menu bar), but this one promises to be a super retrograde. Not only does it start in Virgo, where Mercury rules, but it begins as an opposition to Neptune…and that’s a really big whoops a daisy in Mercury terms.

All of a sudden, Mercury will go from being potentially in his best possible position (in Virgo) to being in absolute Piscean purgatory. How do I figure that?

Lets back track a little. There are a number of factors which will weaken a planet and may cause it to behave in an uncharacteristic or shadow version of itself:

  • If it is moving slower or (in the case of Saturn especially, which usually moves slower) faster than it usually does. Mercury usually whips around the zodiac at an average of around 1 degree a day- give or take. He is now super slow as he prepares to grind to a station. This isn’t good.
  • Being in a sign opposite to that it rules or is in exaltation to. In Mercury’s case, this is Pisces all round.
  • If it is combust the Sun ie within around 8 degrees 30’ (and in the same sign) of the Sun.
  • Planets have a reduced ability to act or an accidental weakness if in cadent houses, but especially the 6th and 12th

Being in retrograde, however, is about as bad as it gets for a planet.

In Pisces, Mercury is in both his detriment and fall…ie pretty poor condition. Combine Mercury with the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, in a stressful contact and you have a retrograde Mercury behaving very like a 12th house Pisces Mercury. Behaving very like mine in fact. Not that, in my view, there is anything really wrong with that.

Given that the stations (ie the beginning and end) of the retrograde period are the most important, this is potentially a pretty weird retrograde we have coming up.

So, we have all the Mercury related stuff turning inwards (which is normal for those of us with Mercury natally retrograde), acting Piscean, so doubly inward (again normal for people like me) and then moving back into Leo where voices are meant to be look at me roaring level. In a nutshell that can possibly make for some really poorly planned or spaced out ideas (plans conceived under a Mercury/Neptune square or opposition can often have the qualities of ideas conceived after a few too many bevvies) communicated in a rather loud and bombastic but very confident manner. Hmmmm. Am I the only one who sees some really cool potential in all of this? Virgo asks for facts, and Neptune, that gloriously deluded yet oh so wonderful ruler of the seas just wants you to believe in your dreams.

Sure, this is the pattern of a wandering mind (much like a staggering drunk- such a Piscean image…and I’m allowed to say stuff like that about Pisces) but think of the creative potential!

All that analysis is turned inward. For those less watery types, this can be scary, but intuition is a seriously fun thing when you get used to it. And all of those images that are in your dreams, the imagination and colours and possibilities. All there in your head. Sure it may be harder to express them, but isn’t that part of the challenge as well? Seeing things from a different angle. Like a whole lot of Beatles lyrics from the White Album years.

The usual Mercury Rx stuff applies: book your travel, re-confirm your appointments, back up computers blah blah flipping blah. I’ll post that later…maybe.

Personally, I’m living dangerously this retrograde. Not only do I have air travel that needs to be booked (Wellywood in September for WOW), but I am digging out the manuscript that time forgot and fulfilling a bargain (ok, a lost bet…and I wasn’t even under the influence when I made it- although I did make it during a Mercury retrograde- does that count?) by sending it to the winner of the bet in all of its untouched since last November glory.

…but I’m waiting until Mercury is officially retrograde just to be sure…in the secret hope that the email will go astray or something…In any case, the winner of the misguided bet has a 12th house Pisces Mercury (natally retrograde) too…so just may get what I have to say.