Neptune Venus

Daydream Believer

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

There has been an ongoing “discussion point” in our house today between hubby and TTM (Taller Than Me 13) over a decision she made (and I supported) to blow off an intensive butterfly swim session at midday today.

She had already swum for 10 hours this week & had done squad this morning and an impromptu game of water polo last night. I was exhausted just thinking about it. So, when she came home this morning and announced that the session closed off with 18 laps of butterfly sprints, I was totally supportive of her call to miss the midday fly intensive.

In true Mercury-Pluto style, my Scorpio hubby is insisting on carrying it on. To close it down, tonight I announced that Venus and Neptune were together on her natal Moon-Neptune conjunction…there is no way that she would be putting commitments ahead of pleasure and self nurturing today. So there.

Venus is about what makes us feel good, gives us pleasure, what we find beautiful. Neptune is, well, Neptune is about things we can’t quite get a grip on. Under a Venus-Neptune transit we may:

  • Vacillate (yep, spent most of the afternoon in the pool rather than make a decision on garden design)
  • Spend the day day-dreaming (yep)
  • Be truly inspired from a creative viewpoint (I did see pretty patterns reflected in the water)
  • Lack confidence in decision making (see above)
  • Make long term irretrievable decisions that could impact our future (I closed down the My Career ads)
  • Believe promises made by well intentioned employers, lovers or friends- let’s face it, I tend to believe most people!
  • Become infatuated by someone quite charming…oh, that’s right, I’m married, so strike that one…
  • Tend to over-indulge on whatever it is that can make us lose our grip on reality even more (pinot gris, I’m calling your name)
  • Become completely selfless and do things for others (I did iron hubby a shirt- does that count?)

Transits of Venus to Neptune can be rather nice and dreamy. And seriously, how much damage can you do in a day or so? Hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe better strike that one too!