Darling, you were fabulous… Mercury in Leo


I posted this last year, but seriously just wanted another excuse to use this photo! So, Mercury in Leo and one I prepared earlier.

Thou goatish rump-fed strumpet!

I was having some fun on Facebook the other day with Shakespearian insults. Lines like the above or this one:

Thy lips rot off!

Or even:

[Thine] face is not worth sunburning.

I could amuse myself with these for ages, but would be avoiding the point of this post which is (insert fanfare and drumroll) Mercury in Leo. But, if you want to duck out of this post now and have some fun with Shakey’s insults, check out this link. Or to make up your own theatrical and possibly outrageous invectives, this link can bring hours of entertainment on a long boring Sunday afternoon. Simply choose one word from each column and add an obligatory “thou art” and you have the perfect, supremely dignified, insult. Thou be-slubbering clapper-clawed fustilarian!

Anyways, Mercury is now in Leo and if you have this placement, communication is not just about getting a message across, it is about “projection” and “self-expression”. It’s about speaking from the heart.

In Leo, Mercury is playful, generous of spirit, flamboyant and dignified. In Leo, Mercury can have a little more fun with words, a little romance with words, even.

Ruled by the Sun, Mercury in Leo is a creative thinker, an ambitious planner and yes, quite possibly even a little boastful. But even when you are in full show off mode, your audience can’t help but be carried away by your warmth and charisma. Think of someone like Bill Clinton (who has Mercury in Leo) in full voice- that absolute and unwavering (dogmatic) confidence was eminently believable- even when you suspected that what he was saying was perhaps not, shall we say, strictly true. With Leo, often the show masks an insecurity or fear of being found out.

A big picture thinker, Mercury in Leo has the eloquent ability to persuade others to follow the same path. When under the spell of the Suns’ rays, it is hard to hear anything else or consider any other outcome.

Mercury in Leo can do the hearts and flowers thing. He can pen a romantic message to the flowers his secretary has ordered, and will rarely indulge in cheap and tawdry gossip. It isn’t that she thinks that she is above it (even though she probably is), but rather that she is way too generous to enjoy it.

And that isn’t to say that she doesn’t have a temper- she does…of diva proportions. She does, however, prefer to always express herself with dignity and sense of pride.

This dignity extends to her vocabulary- Mercury in Leo is rarely heard using the type of language that others (my hand is up) may descend to…

For this reason, even though she does remember past slights and hurts (Mercury in Leo has an excellent memory), she does rate low on the bitch scale and will generally waste no further words or thoughts on the peasant who had the temerity to upset her.

And the title? Mercury in Leo is brought to you courtesy of the Pet Shop Boys….

Feel like you can identify with this post, but don’t have Mercury in Leo? Perhaps you have Mercury in the 5th house, or conjunct (or even trine) the Sun….