Daily Planets Wednesday 30/3/11 Mercury Retrograde- Let It Be

© Stryjek | Dreamstime.com
© Stryjek | Dreamstime.com

Here we go again. That time every few months where computers spontaneously contract viruses and dump files. When travel plans get stuffed up and appointments are missed. When arguments blow up out of all proportion to the original misunderstood or clumsily communicated message.

We all know the rules, but I will be posting a refresher and some hints specific to this retrograde shortly.

Rather than running scared, what about trying a different tack…what about just letting it happen? If we are seriously honest with ourselves, viruses infect our computers because we have either neglected to immunise it or somehow inadvertently let it in (such as I did last week). Dumped files only matter if we have forgotten to back up and lost luggage is only a problem if we have failed to take out travel insurance. Actually, I take that one back, lost luggage is always a pain in the arse, but, with insurance, an opportunity perhaps to buy new shoes?

Arguments explode because we haven’t taken sufficient care to either think about the message and how to communicate or we haven’t thought sufficiently about the possible ramifications of that message and the feelings of the recipient. In short, shit happens. We can blame Mercury, we can blame the Universe, we can take responsibility or we can let it go.

It’s actually OK to be so stressed and strung out that you need to take a step back and go within to re-assess your work/life balance, your go forward strategy or the brilliant idea that is quickly looking to become brown sloppy stuff on the fan.

It’s OK to ask for help, to go back to the drawing board or to admit you are wrong (Scorpio and Aries- I’m looking at you…).

Revision isn’t just something that is best left to Virgo. We can all use this time to look at the setbacks and obstacles that may have been presented over the last few days, few weeks, few months, whatever (depending on how reliable your rear vision mirror is…me, I have old eyes and can’t see that far without glasses) to decide how we are going to tackle them going forward.

Mercury is retrograde officially at 6.47am (Sydney time) 31/3/11