Daily Planets Wednesday 2/3/11 Nyepi

My last full day in Bali.

My friend went home yesterday afternoon & I fly out at a stupid time tonight. This time tomorrow I will be in Sydney. Some last minute shopping, perhaps a run up to Ubud, maybe just lounging by the pool…not quite sure yet how I will spend the last day.

Today also marks the lead up to New Year or Nyepi Day for Balinese Hindus. Friday is New Years Eve and the streets will be filled with demon chasing processions and ceremonies. The first day of the New Year, known as Hari Raya Nyepi is a day of complete silence. It is madatory to stay indoors, nothing takes off or lands at the airport & there are no visible lights or activities. Even in the hotels, dinner must be completed by sundown as the lights will not be turned on. The idea is that when the evil spirits pass over the island it will appear deserted so they won’t be faffed to stop.

Today is the start of all that- Melasti, or the pruification ceremonies. The beach is used for ritual cleansing & flowers & offerings fill the beach and prayers are offered. Should make a nice change to the hawkers and offerings of a different nature. Hopefully I should get to witness some of this.

How very Aquarius Moon is that a way to start a post? The Moon in Aquarius is making supportive links across to Jupiter at present. Expanding the brain, gathering knowledge, thinking outside your boundaries are all characteristics of this aspect.

Venus is about to switch aross into quirky Aquarius. Before she does so, she will form a sextile aspect with unpredictable Uranus, providing an early notice of what is to come in Aquarius. Venus is exalted in Pisces which is where Uranus is sitting in the last degree of, and Uranus rules Aquarius. So, once Venus moves into Aquarius,there will be a short lived mutual reception…that is before Uranus moves out of Pisces for another 84 or so years.