Daily Planets Wednesday 2/2/11 What a Difference a Week Makes

Pic by me...Brisbane
Pic by me...Brisbane

What a difference a week makes!

This time last week I couldn’t see an end to the job we have been doing up here in Brisbane. After a week of crisis management & retrieving what could be retrieved from a flood inundation, the clean up was about to commence…as was the rebuilding on a temporary site.

That night I had a long overdue & very hysterically dramatic meltdown. My Piscean way of escaping, I guess.

A week on & the job is all but done. Some niggly, painful little bits & pieces to do, but in the nature of a New Moon & 1st house girl, I am moving on already!

Apologies for the lack of posts, there have been some pretty horrendous hours involved in getting this all to work &, with no access to Solarfire or an ephemeris (Amazon really does need to produce a kindle edition :)) I have been flying a little blind.

Anyways, as it stands now, the Moon in the last degree of Capricorn is separating from his business meeting with Mercury & moving towards community minded, innovative Aquarius. That detachment & macro focus will be integral in Far North Queensland over the next 24 hours as they batten down the  hatches against the biggest cyclone ever to hit the Australian mainland.

The Sun is moving close to a hook up with Mars. This is a case of putting some action and will behind the innovation. This is a pretty strong emphasis on male energy. The Sun & Mars are both masculine but individuating planets. They represent the strength of self. In Aquarius, a masculine sign, that energy is directed toward something that is greater than the self. With Jupiter emphasising a similar energy in Aries, there is certainly a lot of muscle being flexed in the Universe at present.

On a softer side, Venus & Neptune are linking up by sextile. This will add a vagueness & possible whatever attitude to the rest of the days activities. So, depending on what is on your to do list today, you will either get a lot done…or not very much at all. Crystal clear?

Oh yes…there will also be a New Moon. Thursday morning for those of us in Australia, Wednesday evening in the US. At 14 Aquarius, this New Moon asks where your uniqueness really is. What area of life do you have the courage to be innovative, individual and forward thinking?

Last year I was up the top of the Empire State Building in New York for the Aquarius New Moon. Tomorrow I will be spending it in a temporary office in Brisbane. What a difference a year makes.