Daily Planets Tuesday 5 April 2011: The Magic 8 Ball Told Me So


I have a Magic 8 Ball that sits on the side of my desk beside the fish tank in my partition job. Sometimes it doesn’t give me the answer I want and have to ask it repeatedly before I am happy with the response. Today I got “It is certain” and I only had to ask once.

Which brings me neatly into New Moon wishing. I have been struggling quite a bit with the concepts of “should do” and “want to do” over the last few years, but particularly so over the last few months. This is very much a function of a number of life events and transits- in particular a series of first house personal planet transits by Uranus. I still am no closer to being able to pinpoint what I do want, but am able to say without doubt that I am less prepared to compromise and settle for “should do” now. In true Piscean style I feel like I know what I want, but am still not prepared to acknowledge it.

So at this mornings’ New Moon I found it difficult to do any of the things they say you are supposed to do at Aries New Moons. I didn’t do a vision board, or meditate on any of the stuff you are supposed to meditate on. And given that I have Major (and I mean major with a capital M) changes coming up in the next 6-9 months, I probably should be spending some time pondering the “what do I want?” question, just in case the only thing the Universe hears is the “what I don’t want” stuff (apparently that is the theory behind concepts like The Secret and cosmic ordering).

Instead I figure with my Piscean/Jupiterian/Neptunian logic that things have always had a habit of just working, so maybe I should let go and just get on with letting the Universe do its’ job. So how does the Universe decide what I want if I don’t give her any firm idea?

This New Moon has the just get on with it energy of Aries that can’t really be faffed with any of the rubbish I have gone on about earlier in this post. The Aries attitude is “do it or don’t do it- I don’t much care either way, but if you think I’m going to stand here twiddling my thumbs while you make your mind up, you’ve got another thing coming!”

With Saturn opposing the Sun, the responsibilities of “we” comes up against the perceived selfishness of “I”, and as my mother is so fond of telling me, “that is exactly the way it should be Joanne”. In one corner we have the commitment focus of Saturn wanting you to slow down and check that you are sure you want to go in that direction and have thought through all the alternatives and all the possible consequences and all the risks and…. Enough already! In the other corner is the Aries Sun who is rushing to catch up to Jupiter and just flipping do it…whatever “it” actually is or whatever “it” may be…either way, you won’t get there standing still and wasting valuable time pondering decisions.

And with Mars and Uranus plotting dastardly deeds way up the interesting and very powerful end of Aries, the next few days could be a wild-ish and hopefully exciting ride. I asked the Magic 8 ball, so it must be so.

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