Daily Planets Tuesday 21/12/10 Eclipse- The Sequel

moon full

Tonight’s eclipse coinciding with the Solstice is a rare one. For the scientific stuff check out this post from the Huffington Post. What happened last time? I have absolutely no idea- you can probably google it…I am more interested in what may happen over the next few months as a result of this one.

Anyways, not only will tonights Full Moon be a lovely one, it will also be a powerful one.

Astrologers consider the last degree of any sign as particularly potent. Apparently it is something to do with gathering impetus to change energies into another sign. Whatever. There are heaps of planets in the last few degrees of a sign at the moment, and the Moon is currently in a tense T square with a few of them: Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces & the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. I’m not normally the pattern type, but Jupiter at one end of the T square, as the ruler of both Pisces & Sagittarius, disposits the Sag planets in the aspect eg Sun & Mercury & Mercury is the ruler of this Moon, giving the whole thing a real Jupiter & Mercury feel.

Have a think about what doors you need to close in order to realise the dreams & ideas you are having now- remembering that dreams & ideas are not necessarily the same thing! What will be taken out of the big picture over the next couple of weeks & given some concrete goal form by Capricorn. What are dreams & fantasies- nice but should stay in the head don’t go there completely unrealistic? What is too shocking to make it out of your head? What needs to stay in there? What others will stay as just a great idea? Sort of like my idea on the plane the other day about making the cracker biscuits the same size & shape as the plastic cheese…

Anyways, Jupiter in the mix of this pretty powerful Full Moon/Eclipse will just make the whole thing bigger… if there is such a thing. The image I have in my head is of the person who gets too big for his house, who keeps on growing until his head bursts out of the roof. Ok, a little OTT, but time to move- metaphorically speaking.

In terms of the solstice, those of us in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying the bounty of the summer in the run up towards Xmas- or rather we would be if the weather hadn’t been so bad & impacted the stone fruit harvest (that reminds me, I need to get some cherries in for Xmas night), whilst those in the North are doing the opposite. However you celebrate or honour the Solstice, enjoy…