Daily Planets Tuesday 1/3/11 Ulu Watu

Ulu Watu. Pic by me.
Ulu Watu. Pic by me.

On Facebook this moring I commented that when you are (a tad) drunk (ish) on (a few) too many daquiris and in a foreign country & a band plays Khe Sahn, you sing. Regardless. It reminds me of home. My friend goes home today, but I don’t fly out until Wednesday night.

Last night we went down to the south of the island, specifically to see Ulu Watu at sunset & watch the Kecak or fire dance. Average sunset, amazing place, vicious monkeys. And these ones were agressive- pretty well threatening people into dropping things. The one in the photo below bared climbed all the way up me looking for something loose he could grab, then climbed back down, sat on the rock & bared his teeth at me before stealing someone elses sunglasses. My brave friend hid behind me. At least he did the right thing after that & posed beautifully for pics.

To the skies. The Moon moves into Aquarius mid afternoon (Sydney time). When it does so, we will be moving into the balsamic phase, a time of letting go and banishing stuff we no longer need or want. More on the dreamy New Moon in Pisces later in the week, but for now, remind yourself of where in your chart 14ish Pisces is for you. For me it’s easy…within a degree or so of my Ascendant.

What else before this dodgy connection really sends me into an impatient spin? Not a whole lot really! Pluto/Jupiter are still duking it out, although this aspect is separating, and the chart is definitely filling up with all things Piscean. If ever there were a time to think about your dreams…and act on them, now is certainly one of those times.