Daily Planets Thursday 7/10/10- The Upside of Being Down

Today I broke the number one cardinal unbreakable rule of the Virgo Moon…. I did nothing. I am finally starting to feel better, at least well enough to get out of bed and prop myself on the lounge with a couple of seasons worth of Mad Men to catch up on. I guess part of it honoured Virgo- I am still sick, so there is the health part, I was very organised about how I actually watched the shows (one episode after another- even though I quite secretly like to shuffle things like that when I get bored and see what it does to the story line). Also, Mad Men is set in an office, so check to the work part…I was just watching other people work- and that actually honours my Leo 6th house outsourcing urge.

By 6am (Sydney time) tomorrow the Moon will be in Libra, with a New Moon at 14 Libra 23ish at around 4.44am Friday (Sydney time). You will notice that we are now in the dark or balsamic phase of the Moon, that time for finishing off, closing doors, banishing- so if there is anything which needs any of these charms applied to it, tonight is the night.

Over the course of the day the Moon will make his usual square to Pluto and conjunct Mercury and the Sun. We talk about these every month, but they are important this month because of the New Moon and the preponderance of energy in Air signs (Sun, Saturn, Mercury in Libra, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius). The emphasis is definitely on ideas, ideals and, in this case, those ideals around relating, trust and relationships.

Venus, the ruler of Libra (and this New Moon) is currently stationery and will turn retrograde by Friday evening. This is a biggie, so more on it tomorrow. For now, take it as yet another indication that relationships are the order of the day- whether they be business, personal or an overlapping of the two. With Saturn in the mix, there may be boundaries which have been over stepped (hey, its easy to do), or maybe we aren’t treating others with the respect and sincerity they deserve…perhaps we are not relating with integrity.

Speaking of which, Mars has had what he wanted and after an ever so brief (but no doubt intense and exciting) fling, he is charging off at full sprint- apparently having forgotten to get Venus’ number…. aaah well, Scorpio can do that to a girl!