Daily Planets Thursday 31/3/11 What? Already?

The Fool, Rider-Waite Deck
The Fool, Rider-Waite Deck

Mercury is stationary and will be officially retrograde by the time Sydneysiders are munching on their breakfast toast tomorrow. If you want to know all the rules and usual bits about Mercury retrogrades, check out Don’t Look Back in Anger. Over the next couple of weeks be prepared to stand back and look back at … whatever.

You might get news of old friends, old loves, someone coming back into you life that you have been missing. You might get a chance to review, re-do, replenish or re-balance. You may find yourself also doing more than your fair share of rework or repeating old mistakes or retreading old paths. And let’s face it, is there really anything so wrong with that? There are some mistakes I have made that I would love to repeat, and paths that I would go off the main road to tread again. Then again, there is also the opportunity to make the outcome different this time. With Venus in Pisces, perhaps it could be … These are just some of the reasons why Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad, and can actually be quite cool- as long as you remembered to back up your PC (which I haven’t) and double checked appointments (nope) and re-confirmed all travel bookings (sorry)…

In any case, for people like me with a crappy Mercury, essentially it just means the rest of the world is now thinking like a Piscean with a retrograde Mercury in the 12th house- I live with it every day, so what are you all making such a fuss about? In any case the Universe is easing us into it with a Pisces Moon just a couple of hours after the official retrograde start. So, not only can you be thinking like a Pisces, you can also feel like one too…scary thought? Not when it is situation normal for those of us with these positions natally.

Jupiter and Saturn are still having their little tug of war across the divide. Jupiter’s enthusiasm is waning already, so he will soon be on his way. Saturn is still trying to remind him of all the things that could possibly go wrong (he calls it structure and caution, Jupiter reckons it is out & out fear mongering & is in whatever mode…).

With the Moon moving into Pisces we are also moving into the Balsamic phase- that time where we get rid of the old to make room for the new. Whether you need to de-clutter your kitchen junk drawer, get rid of those “friends” on Facebook that aren’t really or remove the habits and thoughts that are holding you back, the next few days is crucial. Monday mornings (Sydney time) New Moon in Aries is an absolute… I can’t find the words to describe what it is…but it has everything…and more!

I’m excited for so many reasons, in fact so excited that I will post the New Moon post early…just to add some optimism into the Mercury retrograde gloom & doom.