Daily Planets Thursday 23/9/10- Balance, Harmony and a Full Moon

I am running soooooo late tonight and know I will be as stressed and strung out as possible for my yoga class. Which, I guess, means that I get my moneys worth :). With hubby out, I have resorted to a frozen lasagne for Five Foot Nothing and contraband for myself (slice of toast with fake cheese spread- who brought that embarrassingly addictive crap into the house) which will have to be gulped down while I am writing this. Anyway, I have been to the gym twice today (don’t ask), so I guess that is a sort of balance?

I blame Mars, of course. I have heaps of energy, have tried to cram heaps into this afternoon & now am manic. I need some harmony and blanace- hence 90 minutes at Kundalini Yoga. That will have to suffice for the week.

Speaking of balance and harmony, the Sun moves into Libra tomorrow- just after 1pm Sydney time. This means that we have reached the Spring Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere- in the North, it is of course Autumn, or Fall. The changing of the seasons.

Just a few hours later tomorrow evening will be the Aries Full Moon falling in the first degree of Aries. This echoes all the action which has been happening lately with Libra and Pluto both at early degrees in 2 of the other cardinal signs.

This opposition is Arian vigour, adventure and the hunting or survival of the fittest every man for himself instinct vs the Libran need for balance, harmony, partnerships and teamwork. With Saturn (Structure, commitment, the old) on one side of the square and Uranus in Pisces being about new adventures, should I stay or should I go is definitely a question to be pondered. Be assured, with Pluto activating Mars & Venus (the rulers of both parts of this Sun-Moon opposition) and squaring the Moon in Aries- change will happen. Your call as to how easily it does happen and how much resistance & attachment you have to the past. have a look at your chart to see where this is playing out for you.

For me, the Full Moon falls exactly on natal Saturn in my 1st house. This is obviously a reminder about personal boundaries and relationships and all those other things Saturn has been ramming down my throat lately. Whatever.

Speaking of which, I am now unspeakably late and there is nothing worse than someone coming in halfway through the initial relaxation faffing around with ugg boots. Until tomorrow…